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Students from Saint Louis University (SLU) hosted on Saturday evening , October 30th, a candlelight protest to appeal for a break from online classes and academic requirements.

Hundreds of SLU students gathered outside the main gates of the university on Saturday evening to request a break from studying.

In an open letter to the SLU administration, the Supreme Student Council of the SLU complained that their demands for a study sub “Continuously ignored” breaks.

“Two years of online-based learning and two years in which you have little to no compassion for your students. Despite endless calls for #AcademicBreakNowSLU, the administration once again failed to show its students compassion: exactly the principle that we are taught as students at the university, ”the letter reads.

“ Despite the goal, Louisian professionals Creating excellence in their craft, the question of whether you can still produce quality professionals when the majority of them work Sunday through Saturday due to a never-ending stream of requirements resonates more than ever. Will your students be able to do their best when they see that there are no breaks in sight? ”It continues.

On Saturday the SLU student council and other student councils in Baguio City have one at the city council Application for a city-wide study break submitted.

Meanwhile, the SLU assured in a separate statement released on Sunday October 31st that the needs of the students “are taken into account and at the same time ensured in the context of the challenges of flexible learning that high quality education is at the forefront of their learning. “

” The various units of the university have always stood firm to support not only academic needs, but most importantly their non-academic needs such as mental health, welfare and safety. These units work closely with student deans, department heads and faculties to place students with special and special needs so that they can feel like they are not alone and that we are together in it, ”she underlined.

The SLU added added that the student body’s peaceful request for an academic break “escalated quickly due to unchecked information on self-harming cases,” causing “unnecessary turmoil in an otherwise peaceful request”.

It also reminded the public that Not to provide and pass on any unchecked information on this sensitive topic.

Before the candlelight protest, the SLU had already entered into a dialogue with the representatives of its student council in order to penetrate their request for a study break, and a follow-up meeting between the two parties is taking place planned for November 9th.

“Please be assured that inquiries will be accepted with understanding and the greatest possible sympathy hl to be accepted. Therefore, we ask everyone to be sobre as we come to a fair, just and humane solution. “

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