With the time difference, it will be more difficult for fans to follow the Tokyo Olympics.

At Balle Courbe, however, we made it our mission to help you make the most crucial decision of these Olympics; am I trying to stay up or am I going to sleep?

Every day, we will bring out the important competitions for Canada. It will at least allow you to make an informed decision about your sleep.

We’re changing our usual chronological order format to put De Grasse on top. The men’s 100 meters is always one of the most important events of the Olympics, so we wanted to make sure you weren’t going to miss it. The good news is, the schedule is perfect for us. So make sure you get your Sunday off to a good start with the 100-meter race where De Grasse had the best time in qualifying.

The weaker of the two Canadian pairs has already made a success of their tournament by qualifying for the round of 16. They will have a good challenge against an American pair who have not lost a game since the start of the competition. They did drop a few innings though, so it’s not like they’re unattainable. Bansley and Wilkerson have the potential to create a surprise.

This is the last game for Team Canada in this group stage. The squad is already sure to move on to the next round, but it’s still a crucial game because a loss would force them to face the best team in the other group. However, it will be a huge challenge because the Poles are among the favorites in this competition.

Canada will play its qualification in the next round in this match. It really won’t be easy against Spain, but they might be able to cause a surprise. In the event of a defeat, they must at least keep the score tight to possibly move on to the next round via the points differential.

The Canadian swimmers had the fastest time in qualifying for this final. They will still have to rub shoulders with the Americans and Australians, who have the depth to make changes before the final. It should still be quite a race and that is the main event of the evening.

Unlike their female colleagues, the male relay doesn’t really make it into this final with a podium chance. Their mere presence is proof of their successful Games and they will only try to keep pace with the world powers they face in this race.

The decision is made at this point. You can try to stay up to cheer on the Quebec diver in the middle of the night or you can go to bed to make sure you’re there for the De Grasse final.

It’s still a huge surprise not to see Ware in this final, but Abel remains a great medal prospect for Canada. You don’t necessarily have to expect to see her beat the two Chinese women, but the Quebecer enters this final as the favorite for bronze.

In an ideal world, Canada would win to pull out of fourth place and avoid a monster clash in the quarterfinals. That being said, it will be a massive job against the Netherlands and qualifying for the next round is already an accomplishment that deserves to be highlighted.

Olsen had achieved the sixth best score in qualifying. Simone Biles’ retirement certainly brings her closer to the podium, but it doesn’t. Olsen did already win silver at the world championships in 2018. That year, she also won gold at the Commonwealth Games, so it remains a discipline in which she can surprise.

His final will be played in Andre De Grasse’s semi-final, so it’s possible to watch both. That being said, for Lovett, being in the final is already a big accomplishment.

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