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Claire Kerrane from Sinn Féin said she would like to keep the current PUP rates at least until the end of the year. File photo: Gareth Chaney / Collins

Sinn Féin has urged the government to limit the planned cuts in pandemic unemployment benefit (PUP) on 7-19.

Party’s Social Protection spokeswoman Claire Kerrane also urged the government not to pursue its plans for those who now have the lowest PUP rate to switch to jobseeker allowance. which, in contrast to the PUP, is needs-tested.

The three PUP tariffs are currently € 350, € 300 and € 250 per week, depending on the recipient’s previous earnings. These rates will drop to € 300, € 250 and € 203, respectively, on September 7th. What matters is that those with the lowest tariff must register for Jobseeker’s Allowance and thus have to prove that they are looking for a job or are completing training.

Ms Kerrane said this plan is not fair for those in the entertainment and arts sectors who have been unemployed due to continued restrictions on their jobs. She said it would be hardest for those in this cohort who already had the lowest PUP rate, who should now go into the job seeker category.

“I don’t understand how we can be in a situation in two weeks” Time when the art and entertainment industry is reopening overnight, â ???? She said.

“How can we tell people we are referring you to job seekers, if they are not unemployed they are not job seekers.” She said.

“On the one hand, they are not allowed to work, and on the other hand, income support is vital.” why the changes are being implemented despite the remaining restrictions.

Ms. Kerrane said she would like to see the current PUP rates hold up at least until the end of the year.

In response to a suggestion that the government could not continue funding PUP indefinitely, Ms. Kerrane said she estimated billions of euros had been spent.

â € œIt was an important support. What I would like to see is that the $ 203 rate remains as the PUP rate, rather than shifting that cohort of people, 29,000 last week, onto the job seeker’s payment.

“We will see that people only get 40 to 50 euros a week, especially young people who live at home.

â ?? Your rate is not â ?? ¬203 on the job seeker’s payment. It’s on PUP. It is a maximum of € 112.70 for jobseekers for 18- to 24-year-olds.

As of last week, 153,000 people were receiving PUP payments, a number that’s down 70 percent from February.

The PUP payments will be reduced until February 2022, by then all rates will be reduced to 203 € and all those who have received PUP by then will be switched to the job seeker. s payment.


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