A re-entry under pressure, of course. After the Taliban take power in Kabul and on the eve of the start of the academic year, young Afghan women find themselves facing new restrictions. According to a decree recently published by the new regime, students will have to wear a black abaya (wide veil covering the body), accompanied by a niqab (clothing covering the face, but showing the eyes).

They will also receive education in single-sex classes. A measure difficult to apply for a university professor, interviewed by AFP but who requested anonymity: “it will be complicated from a practical point of view, we do not have enough teachers or enough rooms class to separate the girls “from the boys.

Women enrolled in private universities will also have to leave the class five minutes before the male students and wait in waiting rooms until the latter have left the premises, indicates the document from the Ministry of Higher Education dated Saturday.

In addition, universities will be required to “recruit female teachers for students” or attempt to recruit “older teachers” whose morality has been scrutinized.

When it came to power for the first time between 1996 and 2001, the single sex rule had prevented almost all women from studying. Wearing the burqa, a long veil completely covering the head and body, fitted with a wire mesh covering the eyes, was then compulsory.

The issue of women’s rights is the one on which the new version of the Islamist movement is most awaited by the international community. The latter, as well as part of the Afghan population, indeed keeps in mind the brutality of the Islamist movement which has been striving, since its return to power, to show a more moderate face.

Before the Taliban returned, female Afghan students could attend classes in mixed classes and attend seminars given by men.

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