Fastest time in free practice, Romano Fenati confirmed his supremacy by taking pole at Silverstone, ahead of Gabriel Rodrigo and Riccardo Rossi.

The poor performance of the day goes to the leader of the championship, Pedro Acosta (22nd), and to his runner-up Sergio Gacia (24th). The two men will start beyond the top-20, with a major recovery operation to be expected this Sunday.

Silverstone (British GP) – Q2 Moto3:
1. Romano Fenati
2. Gabriel Rodrigo
3. Riccardo Rossi
4. Andrea Migno
5. Niccolo Antonelli
6. Filip Salac
7. Jeremy Alcoba
8. Dennis Foggia
9. Deniz Öncü
10. Jaume Masia
11. Izan Guevara
12. Stefano Nepa
13. Tatsuki Suzuki
14. Carlos Tatay
15. John McPhee
16. Darryn Binder
17. Ayumu Sasaki
18. Lorenzo Fellon

Continuation of the grid (Q1):
19. Adrian Fernandez
20. Ryusei Yamanaka
21. Alberto Surra
22. Pedro Acosta
23. Yuki Kunii
24. Sergio Garcia
25. Xavier Artigas
26. Kaito Toba
27. Max Kofler

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