Thirty Canadian schools in the same network have redacted 5,000 “children’s” books (including one “Tintin”, one “Asterix” and three “Lucky Luke”) from their libraries. Censorship or virtuous measure?

Where you burn books, you also end up burning people, ”said 19th-century German writer Heinrich Heine. Remarks both historical (the Inquisition) and prophetic: on May 19, 1933, seven before the creation of Auschwitz, the Nazis threw at the stake, Opernplatz, in Berlin, thousands of works by Marx, Freud, Zweig, Brecht and other authors considered “degenerate”.

However, would there be virtuous fireworks? In 2019, a Catholic School Board in Ontario burned some 30 children’s books that were deemed racist against Native Americans. The demonstration, which was intended to be educational, involved a “purification by flame”. The “ashes of racism” – says the person in charge of the ceremony – have also been used as fertilizer to plant a tree.

Diego Aquilina’s Stations of the Cross continue. One of the main characters in the Nethys saga has just been ordered to repay 2.8 million euros to two subsidiaries of the Liège public group. Le Soir was able to get its hands on the details of the assemblies laid bare by the courts.

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