SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – On the coast of San Francisco, sea lions attract a steady stream of tourists. In Santa Monica, the beach and amusement park parking lot filled up quickly. Many campsites, restaurants and hotels are now fully booked.

“We tried to squeeze water out of the rocks five months ago,” Hunt Bailie, owner of Sonoma Adventures’ bike rentals and tours, told the press democrat Santa Rosa. “Now we’re drinking from a fire hydrant.”

Californians are more optimistic than any other holiday since the pandemic began celebrating the sunny Memorial Day weekend thanks to the dramatically lower virus cases and increased vaccinations.

About 90% of the State populations are in the bottom two of four tiers that limit business operations and other activities. By June 15, California will end the animal system and relax the rules on social distancing and masking.

“It’s not over yet, but we’re getting busier,” said Kenneth Hansel, manager of Fog Harbor Fish restaurant House at Pier 39 in San Francisco. “Every time we reopen, we’ve been profitable a month later. That tells you we’ll be very busy for the months to come.” Companies in the wine country have either filled their reservation lists or they are expecting a large crowd of vacationers.

Crista Luedtke, who owns a hotel, a spa and three restaurants in Guerneville, told the press democrat she had to limit the number of nights her restaurants were open because they couldn’t find enough people to work California was the first state to perform a statewide shutdown when the virus emerged in March 2020, and it was the country’s epicenter for the disease early in 2021. More than 61,000 people are in California died from the virus, most of the nation in every state in California.

In the past few days, newly reported infections in California have fallen below 1,000, and currently slightly more are a ls 1,300 people hospitalized with the virus. The state’s positivity rate is only 1%.

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Revocation restrictions will inevitably lead to some increased transmissions, but health officials say the health system should be able to handle them. Dr. Mark Ghaly, secretary of California Health and Human Services, said health officials will continue to monitor whether virus mutations break vaccinations, which he believes could mean new health measures.

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