Invited on the set of C à vous this Wednesday, October 26, Sheila returned with emotion to a rumor launched decades ago and which still continues.

“Sheila is a man”. In 1964, then just major, the singer knew the success … and a terrible rumor, published in Une de France Dimanche. It all started with a concert she gave in Roanne and during which the interpreter of the School is finished has fainted. To a journalist for the weekly, Sheila explains that she is taking hormonal treatment to treat a disorder. The next day, France Dimanche published its interview and the title “Sheila risks becoming a man”, before adding in the text: “Sheila is a man”. Upset by this rumor, the singer fought all her life to demonstrate that she was indeed a woman, going so far as to film her childbirth. And more than fifty years later, she still suffers from it. This is also why she decided to write a song, La Rumeur.

“I am sure that the day I am going to leave, there is someone who will say: ‘But I have known the friend of the doctor’s friend very well’, she confided on the set. From C to you this Wednesday, October 26th. That’s a rumor. A rumor never stops. I wanted people to understand what I had been through. ” And if she wrote a song on this painful subject, it is also to help “the kids of today”, who too, can be the victim of a terrible rumor: “Today, it goes to a crazy speed. And we can see, kids are committing suicide … We live like a hunted animal, we no longer know who to talk to, we hide “. With the time which has changed, Sheila explains that in her case that today, she would have “posed in one of the magazines” to silence the hearsay.

Always touched by this rumor, Sheila was never able to recover from it, as she confided to Marc-Olivier Fogiel in Le Divan, in 2016. “It’s terrible. You have to understand that when you are 18 years old and that you are on the front page of all the newsstands in Paris ‘Sheila est un homme’ … I spent days and days locked up with my parents, crying, remembered the singer. Imagine my parents! It cut them off from everyone, they dared not go out. There is always someone who says to you: ‘there is no smoke without fire’ or ‘if it is written in the newspapers c ‘is that it is true’. ” And in his life, this rumor also had serious repercussions. “I didn’t hold on, I collapsed in my mother’s arms, Sheila explained to Télé Loirsirs. My parents have lost their friends.”

Personally, I really liked his son’s book, when it talks about his mother.

That she got naughty if not horrible to watch, pulled, botoxed, her nose failed, what a disaster this cosmetic surgery which she abused, I find it hard to look at her because it is so failed
I speak with full knowledge of the facts, I have worked for fifteen years in this field, how sad!

Hey angry, sure what you’re listening to jennifer, amir and all his nazes, are real stars, lol.
try to do a fifth of what sheila did the other way around, shut your mouths

Another rambler who wants to come back, so always the memes, a book; botox, same school as vartan, and drucker. The seniles of tv.

Yours, the vartan girlfriend, also afraid of being forgotten. A shot of botox and a book and you’re done.

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