Despite the ordeals since the start of her career, Sheila never thought about suicide. She is keen on life.

“Suicide has never appeared to you as a solution”, the singer is asked during an interview with Variation magazine, a new step in the promotion of her latest album “Venue Outre”, and her series of shows in Paris next October.

After having marked a brief silence, the one who is officially heart to take responds in the negative.

” No ! Fortunately, I am not someone who is suicidal… Life is life, with its good times, those bloody quarters of an hour, ”she replies before giving some advice, recalling that you must always try to cope. to adversity and pounce.

“To face is also to exist. We discover that if we have this to go through, it is because we have things to perceive. We are torn at the moment, but as time helps, we try to understand … We still end up not having answers. ”
Sheila, who lost her only son at the age of 42, also faced a rumor spread by France Dimanche, claiming her to be a man. This noise hurt him terribly.
“The paradox of rumor is that it is not based on evidence, but becomes more truthful as people share it. The fight is lost … At the same time, in the age of networking, this song can alert the terrible repercussions it can have in life. You have to believe, kids follow each other for that, “recalls the star, believing that social networks do not necessarily help matters.

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