The images are cold in the back. We see a woman seriously injured in the head, after having violently argued with passengers of the bus in which she was in.

Shocking images of a 57-year-old woman being violently assaulted on the bus are circulating on social media. The facts took place in a bus of line 610 between Antwerp Center and Oelegem, this Wednesday, October 27 at around 7 p.m.

In the video, we can see that an altercation begins between several passengers of the bus, including the lady. But at the end of this video, the facts become very serious as we see the 57-year-old lady outside the bus, on the ground, her head bloody and screaming in pain.

According to information from 7sur7, the lady argued violently with other passengers on the bus and made racist remarks. In fact, you can hear someone screaming “racist”, to which she replies: “I’m not a racist he hits me!” “. Other passengers can also be heard laughing at the situation.

The author of the video is then heard shouting “she was kicked off the bus”, filming the lady sitting on the sidewalk and visibly in very bad shape, with no one appearing to help her. The victim’s state of health is still of concern at this point.

A police investigation, who received the video, is underway. “In this kind of incident, it is not immediately clear who did what. That’s why we’re investigating, ”Willem Migom, from the Antwerp police district, told our colleagues at HLN.