Guest of Aside this Thursday, December 23, Alexandra Lamy braided the laurels of her sister Audrey and revealed that the actress sometimes suffered from being labeled as the sister of.

Despite their ten years of difference, Alexandra and Audrey Lamy display an unwavering bond. The two sisters never fail to make beautiful statements through the media or on social networks. “You are the funniest, funniest, sweetest, best sister! Happy birthday my bomb!” said Audrey Lamy in particular to her eldest to celebrate her 50th birthday. A message as touching as the one sent by Alexandra Lamy to her little sister a few months earlier to celebrate her 40th birthday. “I love you so much! You are the first most beautiful thing that has happened to me in life. Forty years ago, you made a little girl of almost ten years old happy,” she wrote to him then.

As a real big sister, Alexandra Lamy can not help but shower her youngest child with praise when she is asked about her. And his appearance in En aparté, on Canal, this Thursday, December 23 was no exception. While a photo of the two sisters appears on the screen, the ex-star of A guy, a girl gets carried away by evoking the talent of Audrey Lamy: “My sister is one of the best actresses I know , really. It’s always hard to talk about her sister like that, but then she, too, is a very, very great actress. ” The actress then enjoys their similar and “pretty crazy” journey. A common experience that allowed Alexandra Lamy to help her sister in her early days. She remembers: “When we offered her Household Scenes, when I had done A guy, a girl, she said to me: ‘What am I doing? Do you think I should do it? ‘ I said to her: ‘We have to stop listening to people. If we listen to everyone, we don’t do anything. So at some point, go ahead! You’re a good actress, do it, it’s okay give you popularity ‘”.

Alexandra Lamy confides, however, that being her sister is not always easy for Audrey. “It’s an advantage and a huge disadvantage to be the daughter of or the sister of. The problem is that people think you are helping. But no. I’m not going to go to a producer and tell him “Hey, don’t you want to put 4 million on my sister to make a movie? Well, she sucks but …” “she explains. Before adding, categorically: “Already, that, that does not exist.” But their family bond above all means that Audrey Lamy is more expected at the turn: “What is terrible is that in fact, we only have one chance. Obviously, when she is going to have a casting, we’re going to say ‘Wait, but it’s Alexandra Lamy’s sister, let’s see!’ “And she has no right to make mistakes:” If she’s great, we’ll say ‘Great! ‘ On the other hand, if she’s not good, she only gets one chance. Sometimes we’ve missed castings but we can come back. But she can’t miss a casting. If she does. miss, right away, it’s going to be: ‘Say donations, I saw Alexandra Lamy’s sister, it’s good, drop it!’ And it’s going very, very fast. ” A situation that the actress regrets.

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