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In 2001 and while she was at the height of her career, Sharon Stone was devastated by a stroke. For the program Good Morning Britain the actress returned to this tragic moment in her existence. And in passing revealed his near-death experience …

Sharon stone

Sharon Stone is currently on a promotional tour of her autobiography The Beauty of Living Twice; Due to the health crisis, the actress is nevertheless not able to move as she sees fit and this is the reason why instead of going to the set of Good Morning Britain, she answered questions by Susanna Reid and Adil Ray via video conference. The Basic Instinct star was brought up to recall the stroke that hit her at the peak of her career in 2001, and which left her only one percent chance of survival.

The now 63-year-old actress remembered having had a near-death experience at the time. “People who talk about it refer to it either in scientific or spiritual terms, for me it’s both. In my case I’ve seen all these things that people talk about, the light when you leave your body, this feeling that ‘we are trying to push you above or outside your body envelope, “she said, recalling then:” I saw people who had been there before me, I could communicate with them, I felt that it was something fleeting. Not really a dialogue per se, but I felt like we were communicating. And all of a sudden I felt a gigantic pain in my chest as if I had been given a kick in the chest. ”

Even today the Casino star is not sure what happened: “I do not know if it was the defibrillator or if it was my fault. But I found myself in this room and it was very clear to me that I had chosen to be there, that I had chosen that rather than continuing this journey in this other dimension “. As she relates in her autobiography, this experience allowed her to take stock of her existence and put her life back on track, leading her in this way, when she was already the mother of Roan – born thanks to a surrogate mother – adopting two other boys Quinn and Laird, his greatest pride.

Sharon stone

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