No winner at the end of a match mastered and dominated by Barcelona, ​​with the exception of the first quarter of an hour of the second period. The draw does not suit anyone but Barça lacked efficiency in the last gesture to hope for better. Sevilla misses the opportunity to get closer to Real.

Barça almost pulled off the perfect shot at the last second! The corner of Dembélé is badly pushed back on Alba whose left volley at the entrance of the surface bursts. But it is directly on Bounou, who captures the ball without trembling.

Bis repetita … Dembélé overflows Augustinsson, miraculously manages to cross towards De Jong who wins in the air. But he is too restrained and too out of balance to support his head, easily picked up by Bounou.

Barça’s play goes exclusively through the right side and through Dembélé. But it is not Araujo who will come and lend him a hand …

New overflow and new center for Dembélé, who is looking for De Jong whose size allows this new option. But it is imprecise.

It’s been a bit Fort Alamo for twenty minutes on the goals of Bounou. But Seville holds for the moment.

Yellow card for Sanchez, guilty of a big shirt pulling on Ezzalzouli to stop the cons. Even if his intervention behind was quite correct, indeed.

And Delaney is replaced by Augustinsson, to solidify the left side of the Sevillian defense and resist Dembélé.

He had made the difference again on his own! Found on the right, he made his special, transplanted in the axis on his left foot and rolled up a magnificent strike on which Bounou was completely beaten. But the post pushes back the Frenchman’s attempt.

Ah too bad … While Dembélé had made the difference on his side, Nico lacks spontaneity to try his luck and Sevilla emerges.

Barça will not be able to say that he did not have situations but Xavi’s players are too clumsy in the last move tonight. For now.