Violent thunderstorms broke out this Monday, September 20, very early, on the Opal Coast. The municipalities of Wimille and Wimereux were particularly affected, with several areas flooded.

More than a month of rain fell in just a few hours in the municipalities of Wimille and Wimereux, in the Boulonnais. Several areas were flooded. The departmental 940 between Wimereux and Boulogne was cut for part of the day for cleaning, before reopening this Monday afternoon. The water also spread to the A16 motorway, with water accumulations in places that caused some vehicles to stop, without causing an accident.

In Wimille, the Pilâtre de Rozier college area was particularly affected. The adjoining Carrefour Market had to close its doors, but the school remained open.

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According to Agate Météo, the thunderstorms started around 1:30 am in Boulogne-sur-Mer, before reaching Wimereux around 2 am and Wimille around 4 am. It was only around 6.30am that the thunderstorms shifted over the English Channel. “These violent thunderstorms surprise us both by their heavy precipitation and by the difficulty of predicting them and announcing them even a few hours before they break out”, specifies the meteorological service.

In all, the firefighters intervened 32 times in the night and in the morning, mainly in private homes.

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