Ambitious promoted to Serie A, the Salernitana club, without a win for two months, finds itself last. And even threatened with exclusionâ ?? ¦

How far away is the time for Franck Ribéry’s arrival with great pomp. The smoke and smiles required at the presentation of the “Kaiser” have given way to confused mines after the slap received at home against Inter (0-5). If taking points was utopian against the defending champion and current leader of Serie A, it is the last two months that justify the urgency of the situation on the side of Salernitana, the red lantern of the championship.

Without a win since a move to Venice on October 26 (2-1), the promoted finds himself at the foot of the wall after eight losses in nine matches. A relegable dynamic, even a relegated future, which would do better to be stopped from this Tuesday on the move on the lawn of Udinese (6.30 p.m.). However, the recent outings of Captain Ribéry’s team (five losses without scoring a single goal) hardly invite optimism.

“We have a lot of problems that we have been dragging on for too long, we cannot be inspired by what we have been doing for several weeks”, noted Stefano Colantuono, before urging: “Let’s finish the first one. Half the season and let’s roll up our sleeves. Udinese is within our reach. ”In the current state of affairs, however, things are looking badly on board as the forces present are struggling. Especially since absent due to injury was added a player, whose identity has not been filtered, positive for Covid-19â ?? ¦

This news has delayed the departure of the team from Campania to Udine. Bad news for a club on the brink of the abyss for several weeks due to financial difficulties. Maintained unanimously by the other members of the elite last week, the club nevertheless remains under the obligation to find a buyer in Claudio Lotito, a half shareholder and also previously sident of Lazio. A double hat – illegal in the championship. This is why the federation made the club’s accession to Serie A conditional on the appointment of a buyer before December 31. In the absence of an ‘acceptable proposal’ according to Melior and Widar Trust, the companies responsible for overseeing the club’s sale, Serie A board members have asked for an additional delay . However, the lackluster sporting situation is not the best advertisement for a potential buyerâ ?? ¦

The story was good, however, since the third takeover of the club in 2011 by the duo Lotito-Mezzaroma, with a cautious accession from Serie D to Serie A in ten years. Today, the specter of a return to Serie D roams the streets of Salernoâ ?? ¦ but also the Curva (bend) of the Arigis Stadium. “Gravina, keep your promise” read in the aisles of Arigis on Saturday night. A message echoed in the direction of the President of the Federation (FIGC) Gabriele Gravina, who had warned the club would be excluded from Serie A in the absence of a buyer on December 31.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the FIGC disciplinary commission is still reserving a little time before the final decision, but the Salernitana has both favorable and negative opinions. And this even if the supporters demand immediate relegation, ensuring that their love for Salernitana was not made conditional on being in Serie A or Serie D.

Caught up in the reality of the pitch every week, the Salernitana is not breathing backstage either. “The climate is special”, agrees the coach. It remains nonetheless focused on its mission and dreams without really believing in the activity on the next transfer market: “I do not know if the shareholders will allow us to participate in the transfer window. But we have to support the team, we are coming off an impressive string of injuries. We’ll see who agrees to join an exciting challenge like this. “As if nothing had happenedâ ?? ¦

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