In general, when you get fired from your job for no economic reason, it is because you have failed. And in these cases, for gross negligence or not, we leave with nothing, without a check. There is one exception to this rule: if you are a recognized football coach, you usually walk away with a big check. If on top of that, your name is José Mourinho, you can become a millionaire by getting fired.

In his career and since his victory in the Champions League in 2004 against Monaco, “The Special One” has gone through the biggest and richest clubs on the planet: Chelsea (2004-2007 then 2013-2015), the Inter Milan (2008-2010), Real (2010-2013), Manchester United (2016-2018) and Tottenham (2019-2021). Next season he will be the coach of AS Roma. At each of these passages, the very skillful Portuguese businessman has negotiated contracts and wages in gold. At Tottenham, for example, he touched £ 15m last season, or just € 17m.

The concern for the CFOs of the clubs where Mourinho has served is that he rarely completed his assignments. He got kicked out of office almost all the time and each time, boom: it was the guaranteed jackpot for his banker. Chelsea no longer want him in 2007? Okay, but her owner Roman Abramovich has to sign her a check for € 21m.

The best part is that when he returns to London in 2013 and the adventure ends two years later, the Russian oligarch still has to pull out his wallet before saying goodbye. And presto: another 15 M € in compensation! His divorce from Real Madrid? 10 M € more. Manchester United are fed up with their moods in 2018? Okay, he’s leaving, but on condition that he pay him € 22m. And we do not forget Tottenham who in turn parted ways with “The Special One” a few days ago. To achieve this, the club negotiated a new compensation premium of… 23 M € to compensate for the technician’s contract which ran until 2023. It was only by leaving Porto and Inter Milan that he left empty-handed.

By dint of being fired from all these clubs, José Mourinho ultimately received a total amount of compensation estimated at … € 91 million! We are therefore not talking about these salaries, just these severance payments.

“Dopo essermi confrontato con la propertyà con Tiago Pinto ho capito immediately quanto sia alta the ambizione di questa Società. The incredibile passione dei tifosi della Roma mi ha convinto ad accettare l’incarico. Daje Roma! ”. 💬 𝑱𝒐𝒔𝒆́ 𝑴𝒐𝒖𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒉𝒐

So the one who’s trembling today is probably the treasurer of AS Roma who has just signed Mourinho from next season. Even though the club’s share jumped 38% following his appointment, the financier is praying that the Portuguese will for once complete his contract. Roma will already pay him an annual salary of € 7.5 million net. Admittedly, it is less than Tottenham (17.5) but Mourinho is not a loser. He had a clause in his contract with the English club: if he found a club before the end of the summer with a lower salary, Spurs were obligated to pay him the difference. Tottenham will therefore have to pay € 10m to a coach who is no longer on his bench.

According to several estimates, the personal fortune of the Lusitanian trainer would exceed 110 M €, a sum to which must be added his advertising contracts with Adidas, a brand of luxury watches, the car brand Jaguar, the video game publisher EA Sports and a few more.