Sergio PÃ © rez’s first season with Red Bull Racing has not been easy. If, at the break, the Mexican won a race, he also alternated between the good and the less good, even if on a few occasions he was fundamental in the success of his race. teammate Max Verstappen, who is playing for the title against Lewis Hamilton.

The Mexican, asked about how to handle pilots from Helmut Marko, who usually doesn’t bother to mince words when it comes to passing judgment on his flock, had at the start of the season explained that he was quite a fan of this way of proceeding. After a half of the campaign in the sights of the Austrian, PÃ © rez ensures that he is still not tired.

So when asked him if Marko had ever been very hard on him, PÃ © rez replied, “When he has to be. When I know a bad race, he’s just going to tell me, and he’s always going to say exactly what he thinks It’s something good, I think, for someone with my experience, with my career in Formula 1. C it’s nice to have someone who tells you candidly what they think, and where you are. “

However, the 2021 Azerbaijani GP winner insists on the support he has received within the Red Bull squad since his arrival and ensures that no one is reluctant to tell him if he is possible to do better than what he showed in the first 11 Grands Prix. “They obviously have all the information and all the data weekend after weekend. They know exactly where the driver’s time is.”

“With Red Bull there’s no holding back. So they’re pretty transparent with me and with the media, which is good. But the most important thing is that I’m happy and satisfied when I get home. , weekend after weekend. That’s the most important thing to me, you know. I’m a very hungry pilot and I need to be able to look myself in the face. “

PÃ © rez explains that he has also built a good relationship with Max Verstappen, as the two men work together to try to overthrow Mercedes. However, he admits that it is difficult to rely on Verstappen for advice that could help him, as the two drivers have very different riding styles.

“I have a good relationship with him on and off the track, so we’re able to share our views on a regular basis. Obviously, in terms of the issues I’m having, this isn’t he probably doesn’t, we drive differently. It’s tough in that regard, but we move the team forward together, so that’s good. “

Mark Donohue, retired to lead Roger Penske’s Formula 1 squad, seemed like an ideal partner. The operation turned into a real tragedy.

While the architects of the F1 “sprint racing” experience have claimed victory, Stuart Codling believes that at best it is a mixed success and that a lot should be done. more data before integrating it into the Grand Prix weekends.

A driver with clearly established limits, an engineer with rudimentary knowledge, Enzo Ferrari was completely anti-hero. But the Italian industrialist built one of the greatest Italian success stories of the 20th century.

Alpine raised eyebrows by awarding Esteban Ocon an unusual three-year contract. Especially since his performance seemed to settle once this contract in his pocket. Now, after Ocon brilliantly seizes an opportunity to win in Hungary, Alpine’s decision appears to be justified. Luke Smith analyzes why Ocon has loosened his ties with Mercedes to stay with “Team Enstone”.

After seven seasons of absolute dominance, Mercedes now faces a harsh reality: due to circumstances beyond its control, the squad are struggling to maintain their lead over one. of its most ambitious rivals. The worst part is that she saw this scenario coming, but could not do anything.

Alpine knows that Esteban Ocon’s success at the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix owes a lot to success even if nothing has been left to chance by the stable. Playing for victory on a regular basis remains the objective.

Ferrari returned to the top 3 in 2021 with no guarantees, but Scuderia’s progress internally will be judged on other aspects.

The 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix may not have been a festival of overtaking, but it will long be remembered as one of the best races of modern Formula One. 1. Enough to reflect on those responsible for the championship, who are desperately seeking to facilitate overtaking.

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