On the left of the area, the Rennes full-back looks up … and crosses right into the space where no French player was. But the intention is there. The Bleuets caught up with the second period on a good basis.

The Bleuets midfielder is penalized for a too manly contact with Bjekovic. This is the first card for the French camp.

The French number 9 starts deep in the axis on an opening of Thuram, and falls after contact with Markovic from behind. There seemed to be a fault, but the referee did not report anything. A little compensation?

We do not have possession figures available, but know that France “leads” 9 shots to 2, including 4 shots on target.

On a last French corner, Mr Laforge sends everyone back to the locker room. Sylvain Ripoll’s players had a good first period. If they took a long time to be dangerous, the opening of the score of Adli (28th) completely unblocked the meeting, and the last quarter of an hour looked like an attack-defense for the Bleuets, who took advantage of a generous penalty to make the break (43rd). You won’t have to relax in the second half, but it smells good.

The Serbian goalkeeper deflected with his leg a cross shot from Gouiri who took the net! The 3-0 was very, very close. The next corner gives nothing, but the Serbs are in agony.

Perfect opposite of the Niçois, strong and level on the left. The French team widened the gap just before the break, a perfect scenario for the moment! 2-0!

Bjekovic, despite his arm glued to the body, elbows a cross from Truffert. Yellow card for the right-back, and penalty for the Bleuets. It’s very severe but we take. Gouiri will take care of it.

Led to the score and forced to discover more, the Serbs are suffering on all French acceleration since the opening of the scoring. Sylvain Ripoll’s men may have the opportunity to take a break before the break.

Already scorer for his first selection last Friday, the Bayer Leverkusen winger is doing it again for his second appearance with the Bleuets. We have experienced more complicated integrations.

The Serbian lock almost jumped a second time, with a breakthrough from Gouiri on the left, who transplanted into the axis and tried his luck. Gordic pushes back his strike with great difficulty …

Thrown on the right side, Amine Adli accelerates, enters the Serbian area, and unleashes a cross strike from the right, his bad foot. She’s not very powerful, but it’s enough to fool Serbian goalkeeper Gordic. The Blues take the lead on their first real opportunity!

The Bleuets resumed their march forward, but are still struggling to get a real chance, because of balls too easily lost in the last 30 meters. Adrien Truffert notably missed two or three passes.

Belgian referee Nicolas Laforge is forced to play gendarme. But nothing bad. Always 0-0.

The first real chance of the match is Serbian. On a back cross, Adli misses his clearance, and Bjekovic can unleash a full-axis strike, outside the box. Fortunately Meslier relaxes well to repel the ball for a corner.

Too bad, the Niçois had obtained it on an interesting combination with Truffert on the left of the Serbian area.

Serbia take advantage of a missed intervention by Truffert to secure their first corner. But Meslier is respected in his area, and even gets a free kick for an opponent’s foul. This is the first ball that the Leeds goalkeeper touches with his hand in this meeting.

Amine Adli collapsed at the penalty spot after a duel with Markovic on a Kalimuendo cross from the right side. But the referee does not flinch. Rightly so, obviously.

The Monegasque addresses a good low center in the Serbian area, but no Frenchman is there to take it back. The mastery is tricolor at the start of the game, the possession too.

Less than five minutes of play, and already a lot of shots distributed by the locals, it promises …

Note also that the ground is good, very fat. It is probably not an evening for the artists.

Kalimuendo sees his cross blocked on the right side. But Gouiri’s corner was crushed and easily cleared by the Serbian defense.

Less than a hundred spectators are present in the stands of the Partizan stadium. It must be said that it is raining, and that the A team of Serbia are playing tonight (8:45 pm) against Azerbaijan a few hundred meters away, in the lair of the Red Star .

Defeated by Ukraine in the first day (1-0), before being held in check by North Macedonia (0-0), Serbia finally dropped out a victory in Armenia last Thursday (4-1). Zvonko Zivkovic’s team needs to follow up so as not to be left behind.

Called by Sylvain Ripoll for this October rally, despite a pain in his foot, Eduardo Camavinga (Real Madrid) had been preserved against Ukraine on Friday, and will still not play this Tuesday. The midfielder did not make the trip to Serbia.

Sylvain Ripoll aligns exactly the same starting eleven as against Ukraine last Friday (5-0). Rayan Cherki is on the bench.

With two wins and a draw, Sylvain Ripoll’s team leads Group H. Les Bleuets largely beat Ukraine last Friday, in Brest (5-0), with goals from Arnaud. Kalimuendo (40th), Sofiane Diop (43rd), Amine Adli (54th) and Rayan Cherki (68th, 80th).

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Ref: https://rmcsport.bfmtv.com