In September 2010, the CIA confirmed to Barack Obama that it had a lead on the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. On May 2, 2011, after years of stalking, he was shot dead in Pakistan. The 20 Hours newspaper teams met with Robert O’Neil, the man who killed the former al-Qaeda leader.

With the ultimate status of American hero, Robert O’Neil continues the conferences. The US military has never claimed that he was the killer of Osama Bin-Laden, but the man was indeed part of the commando, May 2, 2011 which shot the leader of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. With more than 400 missions to his credit, this sniper is one of the most decorated soldiers in his country. “We had three weeks of preparation to capture bin Laden but we did not know why we were training,” said the American.

“We advance without haste on the day of the mission. The woman who had spotted Osama bin Laden was from the CIA. Her information was precise and it was confirmed. For example, we fell on the first stairs in front of Khalid bin Laden. , the son of the former leader of Al-Qaeda, “he adds. The commando then goes up to the third floor and Robert O’Neil shoots Osama bin Laden three times. The American soldiers identify the body and confirm on the radio that the body is indeed that of Bin Laden. With a spare helicopter, the Americans take his body away and congratulate each other, they all thought they would die during the operation.

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