In a poll released last week by the major daily USA Today, two-thirds of those polled in the United States say the September 11 attacks have irreparably changed the lives of Americans. Surprisingly, the highest percentage of those who agree with this statement are those under 35. A good chunk of them – 22% of the American population altogether – weren’t even born in 2001. Every one of those old enough to have been consciously living this moment has done so intensely that they transmitted it to the collective memory.

On the east coast of the United States, it was one of those exceptionally beautiful days that day, as we experience in early September when the sweltering summer gives way to lighter air. I live not far from the Pentagon, and year after year, I have often found that “September 11” feeling when, in a cloudless blue sky, […]

The press facing the GAFAJean-Marie Cavada gathers behind the microphone of Empreintes press editors and digital industries to discuss neighboring rights of the press.

# 04 Laurent Berard-Quelin, FNPS: “Google’s ecosystem revolves around two things: free and data”

# 02 David El Sayegh: “International digital players fear the culture of precedent”

# 01 Alain Augé: “Social networks must be careful not to exhaust the wealth that has made their resources”

The great barons This series on the great political barons gives the floor to the presidents of the regions of France.

# 03 Renaud Muselier: “It took a failure for me to understand how to play politics”

Women of Influence: In Charles’s Ear gives voice to women of influence, belief and commitment.

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