INVESTIGATION – If laziness ravaged the premises, the adjoining mosque was not damaged

For investigators, the criminal trail is not in doubt. Late Monday afternoon, a fire broke out in the annex of the Pontault-Combault mosque, in Seine-et-Marne, 20 Minutes from a police source learned. Despite the rapid arrival of firefighters on the scene, laziness ravaged the building, which contained mostly prayer rugs and maintenance materials. The adjoining mosque, on the other hand, was not damaged by the fire.

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This Sunday, August 29, 2021, Pierre-Yves presented his new companion on his Instagram account. The candidate had become single during the filming of Operation Renaissance, a program supporting overweight people who decided to undergo surgery.

WORK – The agents of the city of Lyon benefit from three days of additional leave compared to the law. The town hall must comply

The telephone service set up for women victims of violence, 3919, is now reachable at any time of the day and night, every day. It is also becoming accessible to women living in overseas territories, specifies the office of the minister responsible for equality between women and men.

GIFT – Rich countries, having accumulated a surplus of vaccine, donate more and more to the world to protect themselves against variants

Several days after having suffered the wrath of the left by speaking of “irregular flows”, the president is now attracting criticism from the right.

The buffalo toad (Rhinella marina) was introduced to Australia by farmers to control the proliferation of insect pests on sugar cane plantations. But the buffalo toad itself has become a plague. Without a predator on Kangaroo Island, it breeds uncontrollably. When he feels threatened, he secretes a powerful poison, bufotoxin which causes cardiac arrest in many animals, especially cattle. The farmer’s friend has become their worst nightmare

HERE – Vincent Lagaf ‘in Camping Paradis: his little outing that Laurent Ournac might not like

Missing since last Wednesday, the young man was found dead near his campus.

RENTREE LITTERAIRE – “The Definitive Dreamers” by Camille de Peretti was published in August 2021 by Calmann-Lévy

This Monday, August 30, Quotidien returns to TMC. For its comeback, the show piloted by Yann Barthès is done without two columnists from the previous season: Salhia Brakhlia and Paul Larrouturou. Find out why.

Emmanuel Macron traveled this Sunday, August 29, to Mosul, the former capital of the Islamic State organization’s caliphate, in northern Iraq. A stage during which the French president underlined that the fight against the terrorist group does not pass only through military action. With our special correspondent in Mosul, Guilhem Delteil In the courtyard of the Convent of Our Lady of the Hour, a group of little girls begins a dance upon the arrival of Emmanuel Macron. These are then a few sco

On board, no Afghan nationals but the last French people evacuated from Afghanistan, including Ambassador David Martinon.

At the microphone of RTL this weekend, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine returned to her (very) complicated participation in Fort Boyard. A show in which we are not ready to see it again!

The residents of Louisiana measured Monday the extent of the damage caused by the passage of Hurricane Ida, its governor calling them “catastrophic”.

During the first speed dating night of season 16 of Love is in the Meadow, which airs tonight on M6, one of the suitors will reveal that she has already written to a farmer in a previous edition. .

According to a study by the University of Montpellier, the vaccination campaign in France has prevented nearly 50,000 deaths and 40,000 admissions to intensive care.

In an interview recorded from Erbil, Iraq, Emmanuel Macron spoke of the situation in Afghanistan.

What will become of French nuclear waste? Until when can we store them? And or ? Philippe Knoche, the boss of Orano, responsible, among other things, for monitoring and recycling radioactive waste, answered all these questions on Monday, at the microphone of Dimitri Pavlenko.

Daher Ahmed Farah, president in exile of the MRD party, announces that his party will resume its activities. The UN Human Rights Committee had given the Djiboutian regime 180 days to rehabilitate the Movement for Democratic Renewal and Development (MRD), which was dissolved by the authorities in 2008. This deadline expired on the 8th. July 2021 and the president of the MRD is now coming out of his silence. The president of the MRD, Daher Ahmed Farah, resident in Belgium, believes that international justice

Tuesday, September 7, Julie de Bona will be on the TV movie I love to lie, where she plays the role of a young woman ready to lie to win the chosen one of her heart. A character very far from the actress.

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