US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin thanked India in a phone call with Defense Secretary Rajnath Singh for its cooperation in the recent evacuation from Afghanistan and promised the two leaders to continue monitoring the situation in the war-torn country, the Pentagon said today with.

The conversation between Austin and Defense Secretary Singh took place this week prior to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States for a personal summit of quad leaders in Washington and before the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to speak in New York.

“Secretary Austin thanked India for its cooperation during the evacuation and throwback mission in Afghanistan, and both heads of state and government have committed to continue monitoring the situation in Afghanistan and assisting the remaining at risk groups “Said Pentagon press secretary John Kirby in a reading of the report ufs.

India and the US are in contact after the Taliban takeover of Kabul on August 15 in the Afghanistan crisis.

Given India’s views on the Afghanistan crisis, Prime Minister Modi said during a virtual address at a meeting of the heads of state of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the collective security treaty organization on Afghanistan on Friday, the world community should be “collectively” and “deliberate” about appropriate recognition of the reorganization in Afghanistan in the face of issues Acceptance as the change of government was not “inclusive”.

Kirby said, “You have reaffirmed your commitment to ensure that the Indo-Pacific region remains free and open.”

“Austin welcomed the continued progress in deepening US-India defense ties, saying he looks forward to seeing Minster Singh for the 22nd Ministerial Dialogue this fall meet in Washington, “said the Pentagon press secretary.

The fourth annual 2 2 dialogue between India and the US would take place in Washington in November this year.

The 2 2 ministerial dialogue will take place between the foreign and defense ministers on both sides. The first “2 2” dialogue between Indo and the USA took place in New Delhi in 2018.

The last meeting of the 2 2 took place in New Delhi and the next meeting is to be organized here by the USA.

Secretary of State S. Jaishankar and Secretary of Defense Rajnath Singh would be received by their American counterparts, Secretary of State Blinken and Secretary of Defense Austin, for the first India-US meeting under the von Biden administration.

(With the exception of the heading, this story was not from Edited by NDTV staff and published via a syndicated feed.)

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