Annastacia Palaszczuk announced a review of labor relations laws in Queensland to strengthen it in the area of ​​sexual harassment.

The Prime Minister announced this after attending the Labor Day celebrations in Barcaldine with her father Henry and a number of senior ministers.

Hundreds came in decorated vehicles to drive down the main street of the city, past the historic Tree of Knowledge – the birthplace of the ALP – and to the Worker’s Heritage Center, where Ms. Palaszczuk addressed the crowd.

She said every worker in the state should be able to go to work and be safe, including from sexual harassment and bullying.

“Any female worker in this condition should be treated the same as her male counterpart,” she said.

“… Today we announce that we will be conducting a review of the Industrial Relations Act to ensure that laws against sexual harassment of women in the workplace are strengthened.”

She said women are paid 15 percent less than men, have fewer super, and are more likely to be victims of domestic violence and sexual harassment than men.


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