Will Scotland separate from the UK? Victorious, the separatists demand from Boris Johnson the holding of a referendum. He is fiercely opposed to it.

Provoking Floyd Mayweather several times in front of the cameras resulted in Jake Paul ending up with a black eye …

George Clooney and his ex, Stacy Keibler have been together for almost two years. But in 2013, the couple decided to separate after several months without sex. Was this the reason for their separation?

Brigitte Macron is always present for her dear and loving, Emmanuel Macron … even if, sometimes, she does not have the same opinion as him. Concerned about her husband’s career, she doesn’t hesitate to tell him what she thinks, even if she has to raise her voice to be heard!

According to Ici Paris, Karine Ferri would have recently left the board of directors of the Grégory Lemarchal Foundation. Does this mean that there are tensions between the host and the singer’s family? Laurence Lemarchal has just answered it.

For the first time, one of the three police officers implicated after the assault on Michel Zecler, a music producer, in Paris on November 21, gives his version of the facts. He has been suspended from the police since the incident, and was remanded in custody for a month, a rare occurrence for a police officer. This peacekeeper is 23 years old. He was the first to enter, in civilian clothes, into the hall of the producer’s studio. In some images, we see him throw himself on Michel Zecler and punch him several times in the face while he is on the ground and handcuffed. Michel Zecler accuses him of racist insults. The policeman denies it. “We did not check him because he is black, we checked him because he was behaving suspiciously, because he was fleeing the police vehicle, when he saw us, he made half- turn (…) and he did not have the mask. (…) He had the hood, we could not see that it was dark in the night, “he assures us. A photomontage raises question Two elements taken from his phone, dated five months before the attack, could possibly be akin to racism, according to the legal expert. It is in particular a photomontage sent in a Whatsapp discussion that mocks Georges Floyd, a black man killed in the United States by a white police officer, who has become a symbol of the Black Lives Matter movement. “On these exchanges, there are videos of cats breaking their mouths, there is everything. (…) There is nothing racist about it, it’s just black humor, “he replies.

Five years after her divorce, Véronika Loubry makes perfect love with Gérard Kadoche to whom she sent a poignant message of love on Instagram.

Saddened that relations are strained between Prince Harry and Prince Charles, Meghan Markle has done everything to advise her husband. But the father and the son did not succeed in fixing things up.

American doctors treated a 40-year-old woman with atypical thrombosis after her vaccination, without using heparin, which is not recommended in this specific case. They describe its management in a case study that could be used to treat other people.

Saturday May 8, Emmanuel Macron gave a press conference at the end of the European Social Summit in Porto, Portugal. Asked about the lifting of patents on vaccines against Covid-19, the head of state did not hesitate to room journalists.

Under your gaze, the book by Laurence Lemarchal, Grérory Lemarchal’s mother, has just been reissued. She agreed to engage in Télé-Loisirs, evoking her relationship with Karine Ferri but also her anger against Celine Dion.

In an interview with Télé Star, Mélanie Page made some confidences about her intimacy with her husband Nagui, between their respective careers and their love.

Laura Smet has just discovered an appalling affair. On Instagram, Johnny Hallyday’s daughter shared her anger after learning that a man had beaten his eight-month-old puppy to death.

The First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, went to meet the wives of soldiers at a base in Colorado on Thursday.

Gwendoline Hamon is a very active actress. While she goes on filming, she is also very involved in an association that works to prevent gynecological cancer. An illness that took away his mother.

This Friday, May 7, Clémentine (Linda Hardy) appears for the last time in Tomorrow belongs to us. Discover the final scene of the actress who announced her departure from the series.

In her Instagram story published Thursday, May 6, singer Ophélie Winter was full of praise for Julien Doré, who picked up his hit God Gave Me Faith.

Excited by the noisy antics of his neighbors, a surfer has found a good way to silence them.

PERSONAL DATA – In February 2020, the CNIL had given EDF and Engie formal notice regarding the management of their customers’ personal data

The Prime Minister explained that there were “still in France today two million doses of AstraZeneca which are not used”, and that “we will receive three million in the next four weeks”.

Hulu has commissioned a mini-series that will look back on the lives of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Currently filming, it is the famous Lily James who has been chosen to play the beautiful blonde. However, Internet users were shocked by its metamorphosis.

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