More than half of Australia’s population is experiencing a heatwave with temperatures expected to be over 14 ° C above average in most of the country’s southeastern cities.

Adelaide is projected to hit 41 ° C on Sunday, while Melbourne will hit 35 ° C on Sunday and 40 ° C on Monday, before a cool change comes in the evening.

Canberra will also be hot, with temperatures of 38 ° C on Sunday and Monday and 37 ° C on Tuesday, while Hobart is expected to hit 34 ° C on Monday.

Sydney will be a little cooler than the rest of the southeast. A maximum temperature of 33 ° C is expected on Sunday.

Weather forecaster Jonathan How said it was the first major heat wave of 2021 and it was due to a very hot mass of air that had sat over Western Australia for several weeks.

“More than half of the Australian population is currently in a heat wave,” he told ABC News Breakfast on Sunday morning.

“The people of Perth are aware of the very high temperatures that are moving to the southeast, making virtually all southeastern cities up to 14 ° C above average temperatures for this time of year.”

Mr How said Oodnadatta in northern South Australia was the hottest place on Saturday at 44.9 ° C, while west Sydney hit the high 30s, Adelaide 39 ° C and the rest of South Australia and NSW hit the low 40s.

And he said there will be a lot more heat coming, and for the next few nights temperatures in Adelaide and Melbourne are likely to stay above 30 ° C until well after midnight.

“Inland, we’re not going to see the temperature go below 30 ° C, 31 ° C, and that makes it difficult for the body to recover, so heat waves are very dangerous,” How said.

“When making plans for this (long) weekend, make sure to factor in the heat and any fire weather warnings. Keep up to date with the forecast, stay hydrated, and stay safe.”

A cool change is expected to sweep across South Australia and West Victoria by early Monday afternoon, bringing the temperature down to the mid-20s on Tuesday.

But Canberra and Sydney will have to wait at least until Tuesday night for relief from the heat.

Inland NSW will stay hot and the heat will be rebuilt across Western Australia. Perth is expected to hit the high 30s again this coming weekend.


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