With the support of other firefighters from Mexico who arrived yesterday in the Mount Law forest fire, and the favorable weather conditions, there has been no significant growth in the fire in the past 24 hours.

“Visible plumes of smoke persist in area and while we know that seeing any smoke of any kind can be quite worrying for local residents, those plumes of smoke are coming from around the fire, ”said Jason Brolund, chief fire officer, West Kelowna Fire Department. “There are some active areas in this fire, BC Wildfire assures us that there is an established fire station around the perimeter and these lines are not currently being questioned.”

“On the southwest corner, the crews will be working on establish a black line (burned area that will act as a fire station) and continue to patrol along the south side of the fire near Highway 97C. On the north and east sides of the fire fighters will continue to work right on the edge of the fire and mop up the area. “

” A small scheduled ignition will take place near Drought Creek (on the east side of the fire) today if conditions allow it allow. This will remove a fuel pocket between the fire and the previously established guard and make the guard more visible to the surrounding communities. “

An area restriction order will still apply near the wildfire. The order will restrict access to public land, including for Recreational activities such as hiking, biking or ATV driving, however, do not apply to private / residential properties.

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