THE CINE IN QUESTIONS. Headliner of Scandal tonight on France 2, Charlize Theron is simply unrecognizable in the guise of journalist Megyn Kelly, one of the women who precipitated the downfall of Roger Ailes, boss of Fox News.

Her name appears at the top of the Scandal poster, but it’s hard to recognize her. And yet it is actress Charlize Theron who portrays Megyn Kelly in Jay Roach’s film that looks back on the sexual harassment case that rocked Fox News. In 2016, a year before the Harvey Weinstein affair, another scandal for sexual harassment at work rocked the American media, precipitating the downfall of Roger Ailes, Fox News tycoon. Among the women who accuses her: Megyn Kelly, journalist and star presenter of the antenna, embodied in the film of Jay Roach by an unrecognizable Charlize Theron. It’s difficult to recognize the South African actress’s facial features in the film.

To slip into the shoes of Megyn Kelly, the actress, like her partners Nicole Kidman and John Lithgow, has passed into the expert hands of prosthetist Kazu Hiro. The latter made 3D scans of his face as well as plaster casts, from which he made silicone prostheses that hugged the contours of his face. For Charlize Theron, the work of metamorphosis was mainly focused on the eyes: prostheses on the eyelid, between the eyelashes and the eyebrows and on the side of the eye, wearing contact lenses. Chin and jaw have been redesigned in places, the tip of the nose narrowed and the nostrils enlarged with small plastic inserts. And frankly, the result is spectacular!

On Scandale, Charlize Theron doesn’t just work in front of the camera. She is also a producer on the project, already launched before the Harvey Weinstein cases but also those involving Charlie Rose or Matt Lauer, two former journalists and presenters of CBS and NBC, both accused of sexual harassment. “There is awareness in Hollywood,” Charlize Theron told us during the promotion of the film in 2020. “This is the reason why I wanted at all costs to make Scandal: these women journalists of the Fox News channel whose l The story is told here are the basis of everything. It is thanks to them that mentalities began to change. Today, this desire also drives men: they do not want that for their wives or their daughters . Above all, they refuse to be part of such a system. We are no longer alone in this fight! “

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