At 9:05 pm on France 2. Impossible to remain unmoved. The incredible stories, the situations of total embarrassment, stars completely dumbfounded…. Everything is working wonderfully in this new issue of “Surprise Surprise”, presented by Donel Jack’sman, Laury Thilleman and Tom Villa. Returning in September after 21 years of absence in France, the cult TV show will be on 2 tonight for a new number. The principle is always the same: personalities are trapped by others, accomplices, under the eye of hidden cameras, in ubiquitous situations and their reactions are filmed before the deception is revealed to them.

We inevitably laugh in front of a Vianney stunned by a cousin of Kendji Girac who is a little too intrusive. Or a Cyril Féraud, pale, caught in a live argument. We can salute the acting of Faustine Bollaert or Iris Mittenaere, more than credible in their roles of accomplices. At the helm of these well-oiled scenarios, a real Machiavelli of the situation: Tom Villa, who, like a Marcel Béliveau of the great era, co-host of the show from 1989 to 1995, imagined these incredible stories. We see him backstage, blowing in the atria of accomplices. “There, you have to get upset a little!” “,” Skin his name! “,” Be careful, it is coming! »Slips into a microphone this conductor of the show.

On the set, the trappers and the trapped meet to deliver their impressions, cold, by reviewing the images. We prefer the hidden camera part, which is perfectly effective. It’s as old as the world, but trapping someone and watching their reactions always works.

At 8.50 p.m. on Arte. The South Pole is one of the least known spaces in the world. No one has ever dived deep in its -1.5 degree waters, which contain immense underwater biodiversity. We also recently know that the existence of the emperor penguin seems threatened by climate change. For two weeks, we follow two naturalist photographers, specialists in the wild world. Laurent Ballesta, diver, the first explorer of the Antarctic deep sea, and Vincent Munier, passionate about wild animals and nature. One in the ocean, the other on the ice, watching the emperor penguin, until the chicks are launched for the first time.

The tandem, accompanied by other scientists and specialists, must adapt to extremely difficult conditions: sharp blizzards, equipment freezing underwater, drifting glaciers… Unpublished and fabulous images, flora and fauna unsuspected. A very beautiful documentary, with a sometimes lunar atmosphere.

“Antarctica, in the footsteps of the emperor”, (2016), a documentary by Jérôme Bouvier, France (1 h 30).

At 8:50 pm, on France 5. The Landes, its beaches, its surfing champions, its férias… Everyone knows a little. The new “Échappées belles” report does not completely ignore these essentials. But it also takes us to meet those who bring to life the traditions of this region shared between the blue of the ocean and the green of the pines.

In the footsteps of Tiga, the presenter of the show, we walk to a breeder of fighting cows, we find ourselves at a baker specializing in “pastis”, the local cake, then alongside an armagnac producer. , discovering miraculous sources or, in the heart of an arena of “Landes race” in which the young woman will experience some fears … Served by beautiful images, well paced, this 90 minutes invites you to succumb to the charms of a region which, if it has the longest beach in Europe with 106 km of fine sand, also conceals many other pleasures.

“Beautiful escapes: Landes, between ocean and forest” (2020), report produced by Erwan Loussot (1 h 30).

At 9:05 pm on France 3. A policewoman with a strong character and her lieutenant, a noble, phlegmatic and offbeat individual, who confuses the Penal Code and Balzac’s novels… Last year, a first episode of this series, carried by the earthy Clémentine Célarié and the lunar Joffrey Platel, had gathered more than four million spectators. To believe that thrillers having for framework the red bricks of the region of Lille or Hauts-de-France are popular with viewers.

Despite a few findings, “Font”, which tries to shed light on the death of a teacher married to the principal of her high school, is still less funny than the adventures of the brilliant “Captain Marleau”. The fact remains that this well-conducted fiction and its unexpected duo should once again seduce the regulars of Saturday nights at France 3.

“Font: Post-mortem”, French fiction directed by Gabriel Aghion, with Clémentine Célarié and Joffrey Platel.

At 9:05 pm on France 4. Ninjago, kesako? Lego in Japanese version with second degree humor and various references to both martial arts and pop culture. Created in 2011, the animated series is rich in 12 seasons. France 4 offers tonight a special episode “The Unknown Island”. The heroes carry out an operation to rescue a team missing during a previous mission. They’ll meet angry natives, aggressive dragons, and all kinds of unwelcoming monsters and creatures. Action, chases, tech gadgets and gags galore …

“Ninjago, The Unknown Island”, American-Danish animated series (2021), created by Michael Hegner and Justin Murphy (40 minutes).