An increase in the price of a liter of fuel from “6 to 10 cents over a year”, and “this throughout the term”, is Sandrine Rousseau’s proposal. During the last debate of the environmentalist primary this Friday against Yannick Jadot on BFMTV and RMC, the candidate justifies this increase in the taxation of gasoline and diesel:

Assuming an increase of 10 cents per year for five years, a liter of fuel would be sold 50 cents more expensive (at the rate of oil unchanged) in 2027 and this, just as a result of this tax increase. By applying it to the average price of a liter of unleaded 95-E10 in mid-September in France, i.e. 1.586 euros, the liter of SP-95 would greatly exceed on average the 2 euros per liter at the end of Sandrine’s five-year term. Rousseau, who does not however detail whether this increase will be equivalent between diesel and gasoline, nor through which fiscal measures it will pass.

An increase in the price of the liter from 6 to 10 cents is the same level as the carbon tax which raised the price of diesel at the start of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term, a tax that was finally abandoned following the yellow vests crisis. It also echoes that made by the environmentalist candidate for chancellery in Germany, Annalena Baerbock, who proposes an increase of 16 cents per liter across the Rhine.

The proposal comes especially at a time when prices at the pump have returned to their pre-Covid crisis level and when the French feel that this increase is weighing on their power to pay. ?purchase. Sandrine Rousseau, however, offers compensation to help the most modest in this transition.

“I know that it is not easy to hear and I would like to tell the French people who are listening to me, and who are worried about this measure : this is precisely the reason why we are putting in place a living income and why we also need a policy of ‘mobility’ and change car. And for all this, I am committed to accompanying them “, details the candidate.