Elected in December at the presidency of the Cameroonian Football Federation, the former captain of the Indomitable Lions, who swept aside a possible postponement of the CAN, offers an offensive speech aiming To make African football exist.

Two years after the end of his career, Samuel Etoâ ???? o remains focused on attack. Elected last December at the head of the Cameroonian Football Federation (Fecafoot), the former captain of the Indomitable Lions inherited the thorny record of the organization of the CAN, which began last Sunday with a success of his Cameroon against Burkina Faso (2-1). Winner of the December 11 ballot by 43 votes to 31 against outgoing Seidou Njoya, Etoâ € ™ o immediately had to face FIFA’s desire to postpone the event.

“It is irresponsible this way of doing things,” he stormed at the microphone of Canal Afrique. The Federation that I represent will defend with the last energy the holding of this CAN. There was indeed the Euro in full stadiums and in several cities, in the midst of a pandemic and without incidents. Why would this CAN not be played in Cameroon? Give me only one valid reason. Or we are less than nothing and we must endure. Let us be told things clearly. “

With a calm tone worthy of a politician, the former striker remains resolutely offensive. “What is difficult in this way of doing things is that some Africans are still accomplices.” Direct allusion to the wishes expressed in particular in Morocco and in? Egypt to push back the CAN, which had aroused the ire of Roger Milla, declaring two days before the CAN that “the Maghreb countries are still messing up”, on TV5 Monde.

Determined to face Gianni Infantino, the fierce FIFA president he met last October, the former Barcelona and Barcelona striker. Inter proves its determination to make African football exist. “The arrival of Sam at the head of the Federation is a chance for the continent”, greets Claude Le Roy, who had installed Etoâ ???? o as a team of the Cameroon for the 1998 World Cup, a year after his first and only selection in March 1997. “He will not count the number of houses built during his term of office”, clutches Le Roy, seduced by the voluntarist speech of the centenary in selections (101 selections, 50 goals).

“I think that his election will advance a lot of things, by bringing discipline to the Federations, abounds Robert Malm, consultant beinSport, exclusive broadcaster of the CAN. When we learn that he summons people at 8 a.m. to the Federation and that the gates are closed at 8:01 a.m. while people are still outside started there. I think he can put things in order. “

In addition to the rigor, Etoâ ???? o, perceived as difficult to convince and to whom we lend views on the presidency of the CAF, will put his tenacity to the benefit of… a continent that lacks consideration in the concert of international football. A change in mentality will first require modernized infrastructure and more competitive national championships, as Claude Le Roy notes. “I was able to discuss with him, reveals the first sacred selector with Cameroon, in 1988. I told him that it was the moment to put the package for the organization of a real professional championship with the realities of this continent. “

The one who retired internationally at 33, coming out of a failed 2014 World Cup (three losses in pools), has no shortage of work to help African football grow. And his rapid rise to a position of responsibility shows that the fresh 40-something has no time to waste. Prompt to congratulate and encourage on Twitter each team of the African Cup of Nations, of which he remains the top scorer in history (18 goals), the two-time winner of the tournament. ??? proof (2000 and 2002) remains an ambassador of choice.

An ambassador who could follow up on the ideas of Didier Drogba (43), who is running for the presidency of the Ivorian Federation next March. “If ever he has convincing results and it works, also sportingly, it can give Drogba good prospects on the Ivory Coast side”, relays ¨ve thus the former Togolese international Robert Malm. And Etoâ € ™ has already and already given his favorite for the election, on the day of his inauguration: â € œAll countries dream of having one Drogba at the head of their Federationâ ?? ¦ I donâ € ™ t even hesitate to vote for Didier. ”

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