The start of the 13th edition of the Infernal Trail des Vosges was given this night at zero hour sharp on the Perrey site. With a flight of 200 trail runners ready to face the Vosges mountains. With a passage at 1,246 meters above sea level at the Ballon d’Alsace, an area never visited before. The 200 km race was thus launched in a thunderous atmosphere. It could not be otherwise to perfect the encouragement to the participants. The fastest are expected on Saturday morning after around 30 hours of racing. Returns that may last until the next day …

The organization’s tracers have been working on a brand new course for this 200 km race for months. An itinerary reviewed and corrected several times and until the very morning of departure. In other words, nothing was overlooked for this race which was to transport the competitors into the horrors of night and the mountains. A frantic course crossing hitherto unexplored points, such as the Tendon waterfall on the return loop.

This 200 km race brought together 200 trail runners this year. Among them, regulars in this kind of event, experienced competitors such as the great finisher Vincent Larue, but also many others wishing to surpass themselves. Like Jurgen, who came from Belgium and decided to take on the challenge after taking part in the 120 km race the last time. Same enthusiasm on the part of Isabelle, a compatriot living near Brussels who admitted to knowing the Vosges, but not necessarily the area to be covered.

First participation for Nicolas, a 42-year-old Norman who said he was delighted to test the Infernal Trail, he who has already embarked on the adventure of the Pic du Midi de Bigorre. It was often surrounded by a loved one or their respective family that the participants approached the moments of the pre-departure. A great moment preceded by bag checks and a briefing recalling the essential racing instructions, when the four forerunners from the Moto Verte club of Basse-Sur-Le-Rupt had just set off.

For the competitors, all that remained was to soak up the atmosphere which was to become crescendo under the sheaves of the fireworks, then with the sound system pushed to its maximum. The start was set in motion with fire and blood and the trail runners rushed past the red letters of the Infernal.

It was time to dive into the great 200 km adventure. An adventure requiring abnegation, perseverance, endurance and madness, because of the latter, it undoubtedly takes a little to face the Infernal!