“Your comrades and your hierarchy appreciated you but you chose to leave last night”, wrote this Sunday the gendarmerie of La Manche to pay tribute to one of its own.

A 30-year-old mobile gendarme killed himself this weekend with his service weapon. He had served in the motorized brigade of Saint-Lô since December 2020, according to France Bleu. He was in Calvados before this assignment.

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, his body was found by a patrol in Champrepus, between Granville and Vire. Passionate about motorcycles, he was returning from a road trip during his vacation, according to France Bleu.

He would have ended his days for personal reasons, as indicated in a tweet from Jean Morin, the new chairman of the departmental council.

I would like to express my emotion and my support and that of the elected officials of @ MancheCD50 to the family of the young gendarme of the BMO of Saint-Lô after his death. If his suicide is not related to his work, this gesture plunges the whole @ Gendarmerie_050 in grief and sadness

The elected official expresses his support for the young man’s family and his colleagues in La Mancha.

Ref: https://www.leparisien.fr