This Thursday, September 23, 2021, TF1 broadcast the first episode of Fugueuse, a mini-series on the theme of child prostitution. A difficult subject declined in six episodes and carried by famous actors, like Sylvie Testud, Michaël Youn or Julie Depardieu, and guests like Arié Elmaleh and Yseult. This first evening set the scene, by setting up the descent into hell of Léa, a 16-year-old teenager at the start without history, interpreted by Romane Jolly. Betrayed by her friends and in the midst of a crisis of emancipation, the young dance enthusiast has a bad encounter: that of an older man who manipulates her. Because of him, she will sink into prostitution and violence …

Very quickly on twitter, a craze was felt, especially about the performance of Michaël Youn. Many tweeters were pleasantly surprised to find the unmanageable ex-host of Morning Live in this dramatic register and found him very convincing in the role of Lea’s father. The muscular scene during which he severely reframe his daughter who had run away even literally amazed them.

Internet users also appreciated the sequence during which the father of the family sings the tube Chandelier of Sia thoroughly in his car, persuaded to be on the page in terms of music and to know the lyrics. A scene of complicity between the father and the daughter that they considered particularly realistic …

And the same cannot be said of all the sequences. During the first episode, Léa and her friends plan a trip to Amsterdam, with the agreement of their parents. If Léa can not finally be in the game due to lack of budget, her two best friends and her boyfriend go there by bus. On the spot program: bar, parties and drugs. On the blue bird social network, Internet users were incredulous: which parents let their children make this type of trip at 16?

Open-hearted confidences. In a post shared on her Instagram account on the morning of Thursday, September 23, Linda Evangelista confided in an operation that changed her life and her mental health.

Isn’t a morning without your coffee a real morning? Does this drink keep you going all day? If you don’t drink it, don’t you have the energy to face the long working days? Know that there is a food just as effective as caffeine and in addition it is natural. Version Femina reveals it to you in this article!

Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Éric Zemmour faced each other this Thursday evening on BFMTV-RMC. During this televised debate, the two politicians exchanged their visions of France for the presidential election of 2022, even if the polemicist is not currently a candidate, unlike the leader of rebellious France.

American doctors warn about an unknown symptom of the coronavirus, the delirium, which would be “unusually” persistent in the most seriously affected patients.

This September 23, the late Romy Schneider would have been 83 years old. Alain Delon did not fail to pay tribute to him by sending him a message full of love.

Where in the world are they the most breastfeeding done? To find out, media outlet conducted a survey * of 14 countries, comparing data related to the popularity of cosmetic surgery. And the result is… amazing.

Barely a year after saying “yes” to the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, Marc Lavoine and Line Papin have separated, as Closer reveals to you on newsstands this Friday, September 24.

After several months of rumors, Fabienne Carat breaks her silence. In an unprecedented interview with Femme Actuelle, this Thursday, September 23, 2021, the former star actress of Plus Belle La Vie reveals a happy event …

More than 70% in 5 years. This is the frightening development of underage prostitution in France. At the Yahoo microphone, journalist Harry Roselmack wished to warn about this terrible phenomenon, which unfortunately many parents are struggling to detect because it is “unimaginable”. Harry Roselmack will be at the helm of a special evening on child prostitution this Thursday, September 23 on TF1. Find Harry Roselmack in his ”  open letter to France ” titled Le Mur and published on September 29 in the Magazine Le 1. The journalist has also signed a new book, “News after 8 PM”, co-written with his writer friend Michel Douard for Auteurs du Monde.

Paracetamol is not widely perceived as a real drug that can cause side effects. Scientists point out that it is always better to consult your doctor.

Thursday, September 23, Yannick Noah unveiled a funny shot on his Instagram account. An archive photo in which the former tennis player appears alongside his youngest son Joalukas, now 17.

Model Linda Evangelista, 56, has revealed that she is suing the maker of a cold fat reduction device.

This Wednesday, September 22, a homeless man was killed in a fight with two cleaners at the Rungis market. The tip of one of the workers’ pressure washer accidentally slit the homeless man’s throat.

During the evening of Thursday, September 23, Loana made a remarkable comeback on the Touche plateau, not at my post. The former reality TV starlet looked much better.

On Thursday, September 23, the Angers court ordered the owner of a dog to pay 500 euros to the stripper he had bitten. The latter claimed 5,000 euros, on the pretext of no longer being able to exercise her profession.

Algeria has decided to close its airspace to all Moroccan planes. A decision that follows years of tension between the two countries.

Mountain bikers in the Vosges mountains are victims of traps placed on the ground. The origin of these studded planks or barbed wire remains unknown.

These five people are suspected of having wanted to prepare a violent action against a Masonic lodge. In the same case, three people had already been imprisoned in May.

The candidate for the ecological primary wants to ban the sale of these vehicles, among the most sold in France.

This Thursday, September 23, Eryl Prayer and Sylvie Ortega once again got carried away on the Touche plateau not at my post. A scene that shocked the chroniclers.