Thanks to this painfully torn victory, the RCT regains its 6th place in the Top 14 standings and keeps its destiny in hand with a view to qualifying before its trip next Saturday to Castres, another Top 6 contender.

But this Saturday everything was difficult. Despite a good start to the match with several beautiful movements developed, the Toulonnais made too many small mistakes to get behind the line. The Bordelo-Béglais took advantage of the opposing faults to plant a powerful try following a ball carried well concluded by the Australian third line Scott Higginbotham.

Fortunately for the Var, opener Louis Carbonel was having a good day and kept Toulon in the game with a 100% against the pole vaults. And at the end of the game, it was finally Argentina’s third row Facundo Isa who secured the victory for the Toulonnais.