This Friday August 27th is the resumption of the championship in Pro D 2. For this first day to be followed live on France Bleu Gascogne, match at 7:30 pm, the Stade Montois moves to Narbonne. The Audois have just come back from National at the end of the final lost against Bourg en Bresse.

There is greed of technicians stadians to find the championship. Milhet, Tastet, Talès and Prosper have a huge desire to play. To see on the meadow, in situ, whether the labors of Hercules over the past two months have generated efficiency and power. Also want to erase the sad last season and the shortcomings that affected the game in Mons. Then envy, because with an enlarged workforce, a group that is a priori more homogeneous and concerned and therefore the consequent summer work, we will be able to judge the skills acquired by the troops, reinforced seriously and motivated by their commando internship at the Foreign Legion. Commando spirit yes, nice atmosphere, certainly, and a game option, tactical choices that do not vary from what was offered last season. But for Patrick Milhet, cheerful manager, it will be necessary to put into practice what has been repeated.

In the basket of newcomers, a front-runner who is expected to weigh his weight in the fight. Anthony Alvès his name, the beast. One hundred and seventeen kilos on the seesaw, Bresse’s baby. Have a good heel face! A native of Oyonnax, he studied in Bourg, another chicken country, then in Montauban, before battling in Aurillac, an oval territory of relevance with which he left the Stade Montois in the 2016 demifinale, then only to fail in Grenoble. A plan of misery according to Alvès, who found in Dauphiné neither the rugby he hoped for, nor the atmosphere he likes At thirty-two years old the Portuguese international, father of a cute twenty-one month old, left suitcases and family at Moun with the certainty of not having made a mistake, finally, of destination. Alvès enjoys hunting small game, fishing, eating and mushrooms. Enough to make a solid frame player very quickly. Especially when it comes to “beuchigue”, Bressan is plentiful on offer: in defensive confrontation, certainly, but also tasty in offensive charges. A rough this guy!

Narbonne is the first stop. The Audois go up from Nationale. And say they are back to do battle. In a championship that has grown even stronger. Where Rouen, apart from no doubt, we do not see a weak team. 107 years of existence, double elite French champion, 13 shields in total, 45 internationals, 600 licensees, Narbonne is heavy! On paper. Historical club madam! Who has known many vicissitudes. And sometimes it is lacking in means and ambitions. The Australians who arrived with great certainty for a while tried a blow that turned out to be a failure. They left with their tails between their legs in the land of the kangaroo to leave the keys of the orange house to the native: Gilles Belzons, ex 3rd line of the club and Marc Delpoux, also former 3rd pump, native of Cuxac d’Aude , now run the box. The orange phalanx has moved a lot in the offseason. 16 arrivals for 11 departures. A troop made up of local service like Blanc, le talon, Madaule, the 3rd line, Méret, the opener or even Belzons, 3rd line too, like dad. Note the arrival of two ex-Mons, the pillar Castinel and David, the hooker. Which join the rear dacquois by birth Pierre Justes. And a good pick a priori, the Argentinian hooker Martin Vaca, 20-year-old hope, already selected with the Jaguares, the professional franchise of Buenos Aires.

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