The Spring Olympic Castres is no longer that of the winter in which the CAB won 25-23 three days before Christmas. The Castres have since made a spectacular comeback in the standings and are clearly applying for the top 6. We take stock of what has changed at CO in the space of 5 months.

The defeat at Pierre-Fabre, against the CAB, was “one too many” according to the most Corrèzien of the Castres, Thomas Combezou. Â € œWe were not good at managing matches. Against Brive, we had a great first half, we collapsed in second. It was difficult to cope with the pressure of home matches without an audience. In the wake of this setback, we went to impose in Lyon. That was the click. AT”

It is first mentally that the Castres have changed. “We have evolved in our way of playing, in taking initiative, in trusting each other. Darri (David Darricarrère, CO backs coach, Editor’s note) did a lot of work on the workforce. It paid off. As much in December, we were shaking to play at home. Today, we have nothing more to lose and we only have one thing in mind: to qualify. AT”

Broncan’s contribution Since the first leg, the CO has been restructured. Maurico Reggiardo left the post of general manager to Pierre-Henry Broncan in March. “He’s fair and very organized. He restructured the schedule. He involves the players a lot in the preparation of the matches. We have an attack strategy group, a defense strategy group, a leader group. This allows us to know by heart the teams we face. Everyone is invested. That’s another way to work. It is the players who make the strategy a bit and that empowers everyone, ”explains Thomas Combezou.

Since its defeat against the CAB, the CO have racked up 10 wins for only 4 losses. “And again we had defeats with bonuses, underlines the native of Tulle who is under contract in Castres until 2023. Against Pau, against Lyon, we let slip the offensive bonus in the last moments. Still, we’re here.

We collect everything we can and compete with the big teams. I’ve never had a season like this, with a difficult start to the season and a very positive follow-up. Maybe the first year I was in Montpellier. AT”

This is the objective of the Castres at the end of the season. With 60 points on the clock, they are only two units behind the sixth place currently held by Stade Français. “All of the play-offs have one home game and one away. This is going to be played out on the last day. Whoever loses outside will be out of the race and, conversely, whoever wins both matches will have a good chance of being in the right car. AT”

CO does not hide it. He wants to hit the Stadium. “We have to collect points. We miss the four left in the first leg today. We are two teams with the same profile, with players who never give up, with the same mentality. It’s going to be a good game. . We know it will be difficult, that Brive is difficult to maneuver at home. AT”

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