In Issoire, we may not have oil but we have ideas. But above all a state of mind which makes it possible to compete as best as possible with much more armed Federal 1 formations, financially speaking. This club philosophy allows the USI to succeed in attracting additional players. TO?? offseason, four new elements joined the puydémois ranks: Soheyl Jaoudat (back), Fausto Delli Carpini (center or back), Emilien Courtet (winger) and Pierre Rude (hooker) signed to the USI to attempt a human adventure and try to keep the club going.

“I am very happy with the players who have joined the club,” manager Christophe Rodier enthuses. And anyway, it can’t be otherwise. The guys who come to us aren’t here for the check. They came for the sports project so it can’t be bad guys. Humanly, this is satisfactory. We will see as we meet, but for the moment things are going very well. TO”

Issoire would have however wanted to strengthen in front. The technical staff were aiming for a right pillar and a second row. Very rare positions and therefore very sought after. The club faces fierce competition from other teams sometimes offering salaries equivalent to Pro D2. Spheres that the club of President Claude Pojolat does not frequent.

The Avenir Sportif de Bà © darrides / Chà ¢ teauneuf-du-Pape, the first opponent of the USI this Sunday, has for example much superior means. With six arrivals in the offseason, the Vaucluse club has considerably strengthened itself to achieve its objective of playing the dams for accession to the Nationale 2.

The Issoiriens know that the task is difficult to announce in front of their audience at the Mas stadium. But little Thumb does not want to leave defactist. Under the impetus of the technical staff, LÃ © o Cabantous’s teammates worked by insisting on the points which went wrong during the last two seasons truncated by the Covid-19. Particular emphasis was placed on closed scrum, an essential area to exist in Federal 1.

For the rest, the “mauve and black” will count on their state of mind to make a first blow at home against Bà © darrides / Chà ¢ teauneuf-du-Pape. And thus to show that rugby is not only a question of financial means.

The starting XV of Issoire: Jaoudat; Martin, Thooris, Delli Carpini, F. Cabantous; (o) Berthoule, (m) Steger; Chalus, Orluc, Causse; L. Cabantous (cap), Vueti; Dagouret, Laroche, Ducros. Replacements: 16. Rude, 17. Paul, 18. Garcevic, 19. Briatte, 20. Breuil, 21. Villatte, 22. Bony, 23. Fraissard.

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