Once is not custom, the coach of ASM has declared a title this season. Realisticâ ?????

Unlike his predecessors, Jono Gibbes has set a high course and is not hesitant to say “when you’re at ASM you have to take responsibility for play the title  ”. The statement deserves clarity, it also confronts the players (and himself) with their responsibilities.

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Since the European Challenge in 2019, Clermont has not won a trophy. Moreover, this season is unlikely to deviate from the rule of increasing credible candidates for the Brennus Shield. We can estimate at a dozen applicants, ambitious clubs which have, for the most part, reinforced their numbers.

The Champions Cup is more of the lottery, especially since the application of a convoluted formula. In this competition, it’s all about being on top when spring and the finals come.

ASM intends, as it has done for many seasons, to have it both ways. His small number of internationals can be an asset.

We touch here the small flaw of the club which could become a big weakness in the event of major injuries.

Last season, Clermont suffered in front with an often reduced pack and strongly impacted with in particular the premature start of Timani and some prejudicial injuries.

Lavanini is the only reinforcement of the season ahead, the Argentine will have to impose himself quickly in the rotation in the second row.

This year, eyes will certainly be more focused on the rear lines with a few positions where the liners might lack density. On the wings, for example, the periods of duplicates (international windows) could highlight a certain lack of depth.

Also last year, Lopez’s absences at the opening were very damaging. The other recruitment, that of the Irishman Hanrahan, must compensate for it. On paper, ASM has a well-armed team. But a doubt remains on certain posts in the event of glitches.

Suffering or below their real potential last season, the Slimani, Fofana, Iturria and even Cancoriet must react.

Seeing players like Slimani and Fofana out of the squad of the last finals, solely on the choice of the coach, highlighted the great difficulties of these experienced executives.

The right pillar has been through the season in doubt, losing confidence. The three-quarter center, he has never been able to connect because of a multitude of small physical problems. And we know that at 33, contrary to popular belief, it is better to play regularly and chain together to stay level.

Other disappointments, the third lines Iturria and Cancoriet. The first, named captain in the fall, injured a shoulder and never returned to his true level. It must regain the influence that made it international.

The observation also applies to Cancoriet who, at the age (25) when we are progressing, has rather stagnated, even sometimes regressed.

Only the interested party has the answer, if at all his decision is made. TO?? Soon 33 years old, the mind will decide. TO?? Unless his future at ASM could be drawn in a role other than that of a player.

In June 2022, Parra’s 4-year contract will end. A little over a year ago, the trend was to “stop” his career. Since then, issue 9 seems to have found additional enthusiasm. And if his body follows suit and he doesn’t suffer too serious an injury, he doesn’t forbid himself from continuing to play.

In Clermont or elsewhereâ ????? And under what financial conditions tooâ ????? President Guillon declared this week his desire to retain and integrate the former players into the club. If they have the skill and the inclination, of course.

For Parra, a fate in rugby is a real possibility, perhaps to this day more in a role of sporting director than a coach. This will undoubtedly also involve discussions with Jono Gibbesâ ????; whether to continue his career as a player or for any other position.

One thing is certain, Parra has already insured his after-rugby and he won’t really need a final contract at all costs.

They have already tasted at the highest level, they are young and talented. But they must move from the state of promise to that of revelation.

With 50% of its workforce trained at the club, ASM inevitably expects a lot of these future players. President Guillon has said it over and over again, he relies heavily on training.

Last season, they are several to have had playing time. After the discovery, the time has come to show certainty about their ability to apply in the fifteen Clermont.

We think of: Van Tonder, who we hope will be able to go through matches without injury; Falatea, compensated at the end of the season by starts in Blue but who must progress in meleeâ ????; Vili, also invited to Australia (without playing) who must really realize his potentialâ ????; Bibi Biziwu, the youngest but a real hope at the post of left pillarâ ????; Amatosero, robust player who must learn to master himselfâ ????; Tiberghien, whose take-off is still awaited.

We could also cite the Lanen twins who will have to gain in density to take the leap. It might be easier for Thibaud, the second row.

Last season was marked in Clermont by the recurring evils linked to the conquest. A reaction is expected.

A touch too often set aside, sometimes with pitchers running out of precision, a scrum sanctioned many times… the ASM, barrage in June, nâ ?? did not shine by the quality of its conquest.

With Jono Gibbes at the helm, it is certainly one of the main projects of this season. The new head coach will inevitably support in these sectors because without reliable conquest, it is difficult to envisage competing with the best. Even if we have a fire attack and precise gunners.

Dato Zirakashvili’s return to the club is part of this desire to give the Clermont melee stronger credibility. Between the return of Falgoux, the expected rebound of Slimani and the closure, why not, of young talents at the post of pillar (Henzo Kiteau for example), the ASM can answer this strong expectation.

In 2017, the year of the last Brennus Shield, Clermont had surprised thanks to his (very) young class. Like a Crestfallen at the time, who had exploded that year, the ASM has a few Marie-Louise “Likely to overthrow the hierarchy.

In August 2016, Raka, Cancoriet, Iturria and Penaud were 20 or just over. Almost unknown to the general public. With only one game sheet the previous season, Damian Penaud had a name to make, a reputation above all as a player capable of absorbing the demands of the high level. They had all managed to find a place in the sun during this royal season.

By tradition and conviction, ASM has integrated more than a dozen up-and-coming players this season into its preparation for the season. This Sunday, in Lyon, we will closely observe the performance of young Thomas Rozière, even if he already had some playing time last season.

Among the candidates for the “surprise player” trophy, we can cite the two forerunners Thà © o Giral and Gabin Michet. The first one is only 18 years old but seems already profiled to make an interesting career in a position however delicate. The second is two years older (20 years), he also has promising technical qualities.

In the third row, the strongest hopes undoubtedly rest on two players: Kilian Tixeront, 19, and Yohan Kehlhoffner, 20. The first has already had his baptism of fire and the second is a cadre of the Espoirs who also shone during the Seven with the ASM.

What if the big surprise was the revelation of Zimbabwe’s (huge) potential in 18-year-old TJ Maguranyanga. Arrived by chance at the training center last spring, this winger with an already very developed physique already seems cut out for the high level even if it is today? ??? hui a diamond which remains to be polished.

In recent seasons, ASM has been singled out for its large number of injured players. Will the change in physical preparation be a game-changer?

Cervical operations, muscle injuries, bruised knees and shoulders, concussions… ASM has posted worrying statistics for several seasons on the amount of players remaining on the floor.

We remember the 2017-2018 season, which ended in 9th place, at the end of a dark year marked in particular by a cascade of injuries that affected leaders and executives of the region. Team.

No doubt that Jono Gibbes will be attentive on the subject, he should work in particular certain attitudes in the zones of shock on the ground. He will also count on the arrival (in his luggage) of performance director Johnny Claxton, in particular in charge of physical preparation, an area influencing certain injuries.

To date, after a big month of training and two preparation matches, the ASM mourns five injured players in this time frame: Tiberghien (Ã © paule), Jedrasiak (calf), Clément Lanen (shoulder), Sam Ezeala (ischio) and Lee (concussion).

Two cases arise on two players whose sporting future is so far more covered with areas of shadow than of blue sky.

Withdrawn from the field since October 2020 because of the concussion no doubt too much, Alexandre Lapandry has been going through a bad time. Already because of health concerns inherent in these repeated shocks. He also wonders about his sporting future when he has two years of contract left (June 2023).

But the third line will most certainly follow the synthesis of all the medical opinions which will result from other examinations to come. In the event of early retirement, will Lapandry be the subject of a proposal from his club for a post other than in the field?

The news is even hotter for the young Samuel Ezeala, victim last Friday in Issoire of a serious injury (disinsertion of a hamstring) which will go away. Take between 6 and 8 months of the competition.

premium Jono Gibbes, coach of ASM Clermont, before the first day of Top 14, this Sunday: “We must assume to play the title”

Recall that the 21-year-old winger has barely emerged from a major knee injury that has “rotten” his early career for over a year and half. One thing is certain, Sam Ezeala will have to hang in there mentally to overcome this new pitfall. But to this day, while one evening in December 2019, he seemed to really take off, his future looks a bit uncertain.

After having extended the last season of management players such as Paul Jedrasiak, George Moala and Fritz Lee, the ASM will have several cases on the grill: Morgan Parra therefore, but also SÃ © bastien Vahaamahina and especially Kotaro Matsushima.

If 2023 will be a milestone in the history of the Clermont club with a multitude of executive players at the end of their contract (Falgoux, Slimani, Pélissià ©, Fourcade, Iturria, Lee, Lopez, Fofana, Penaudâ ?? ¦), next June (a year before then) some key elements of the workforce will come to the end of their engagement.

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Appointed captain for the first time since he was at ASM (2014), this Sunday, for the trip to the LOU, Vahaamahina is most certainly one of those players on which Jono Gibbes wants to continue to build for the future. The coach holds his second row in high regard, who at 30 has the experience and maturity to be a great leader. And he has the enormous advantage of having already retired with the Blues which makes him fully available for the club. If the player doesnâ € ™ t want to “want somewhere else” it would be surprising if an agreement could not be reached for an extension.

The question will certainly be more difficult concerning Matsushima. His first season was rather convincing, nor was it THE revelation, as Abendanon might have been when he arrived. © e in Clermont in 2014-2015.

Can the Japanese take the risk of changing clubs the season after which leads to the World Cup? Will the ASM have the financial means to follow any proposals from rival clubs if the player were to “perform” even more?

Other players have entered their last year of contract, Pourailly and Naqalevu in particular. The fate of certain young people will also have to be regulated: brothers Lanen, Falatea, Fischer, Beheregaray and Dessaigne.

Remarkable summary of the situation of the club at the start of the new season. However, the financial aspect for which the president declares in his interview that he will need either new receipts or reductions is lacking in this overview. of expenses! However, the lack of depth of the workforce cannot be compensated for by the training center alone and requires the recruitment of quality players, which is therefore expensive.

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