“It was a personal challenge”, recognizes Grégory Giraudon from the outset, since Monday vice-world champion in the best cheese maker competition, which was held in Tours. For his second participation, he finished second in the competition this year behind another Frenchwoman, Virginie Dubois-Dhorne, based in Arras, after a fourth place four years ago.

“It will not change anything, I will continue to do my work”, continues this craftsman, cheese maker at the Halles de Royan. “I’m just very satisfied,” he adds.

Grégory Giraudon dreamed of finishing the competition in such a good place. “It was my second participation and I had learned the lessons from my first participation. I especially learned to manage my time,” he explains.

“We have nine events in the competition and we have a time allotted for each. I have managed my time much better this year than four years ago. I have made simpler recipes to achieve them in the given time, ”he analyzes.

In retrospect, this title proves to be the testimony of an astonishing journey. Grégory Giraudon first made a career in the banking sector. At the dawn of his forties, he made a radical change in professional orientation and decided to become a cheese maker. He went to train at the prestigious Parisian house Androuet and obtained his diplomas. He became manager of a dairy dairy in Dax, then moved to London, again for the Androuet house. The British decision to leave the European Union led him to return to France where he created “Au Tour du Fromage” in Royan in August 2017.

“Thank you to everyone for your unwavering support during these months of preparation,” he wrote on his social networks. Whoever says he is “very proud of (s) we contest” meets those who follow his work to “share this joy with you!”

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