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People grappled with the fact that seven-year-old Prince George was in a suit attending the England versus Germany game when they asked why he couldn’t wear a soccer jersey.

Prince George was the main event at the European Championship game that took place at Wembley this week when he joined his mother and father, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in the England versus Germany game.

The future king, who is the older brother of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, looked like England won the game and cheered from the royal box alongside Kate Middleton and Prince William.

For the occasion, George matched his dad in a suit, shirt, and Gareth Southgate tie.

And while many thought the little prince looked adorable in his chic outfit, others wondered why he was not allowed to wear an English football shirt.

Some people have argued that the little boy could have worn a soccer t-shirt they think he would have preferred.

Another wrote, “Imagine, a seven year old would wear a suit and tie to the soccer game and show himself at his best. Prince George would have probably preferred to see it on TV. “

A third wrote:” Prince George should have worn our football kit, not a suit. Who made that decision? “, While another commented:” Everyone else thinks it’s sad “To see Prince George in a bloody suit at the England game. Why? Couldn’t you just let him be a kid and wear an England shirt instead?” However, there are many people who found the smart look very cute , with one arguing, “I really don’t see why people criticize the fact that Prince George wore a cute little suit and tie! For starters, it’s perfectly normal in the UK for children to have a tie as part of their school uniform Even most young boys of this age are happy to dress “just like Daddy”!

Of course we don’t know who made the decision about George’s outfit for football – after all from what we know, maybe he wanted to wear a suit.

William also wore a suit for the game, which he does every game he plays as president of the football association.

Kate looked chic for the game too, dressed in patriotic colors of white and black.

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