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CEBU CITY – A 16 year old girl suffered bites and Scratches all over her body after being attacked by a Rottweiler in Oslob, Cebu last Tuesday June 8th.

Videos of the harrowing incident showing the unfortunate Jeny Rose Gomilao being killed by the large breed dog The girl’s brother, John Michael, said the incident happened while his sister was collecting clams in Barangay Looc.

The dog, which belongs to the victim’s neighbor, is said to have broken free and ran to the shore.

The video showed the girl wading through knee-deep sea water when she was followed by the dog . Some residents and guests of a nearby resort looked on helplessly and spurred the girl to run.

When the girl tried to escape the dog’s clutches, a man came who apparently wanted to help the girl. The dog ran, but returned a few seconds later and attacked the girl again.

The girl was taken to the hospital with scratches and dog bites on her neck, arms, knees, back and hands.

The incident occurred about two months after the girl was also bitten by a dog that belonged to another neighbor.

“She was not given rabies injections because she was given one after she was bitten by a dog two months ago,” said John Michael .

The dog’s owner gave 3,000 pence for the girl’s hospital treatment, but it wouldn’t be enough, said John Michael.

“We want justice. We want an assurance that you will pay for my sister’s treatment, “added John Michael.

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