“Did you find a marked locker room after the game? I don’t think so, no. Marked, no, but disappointed. It’s pretty easy to explain what happened: we were in control of the game until the red card (against Skelton in the 57th). Afterwards, they (Toulouse) took their opportunities, it’s a very powerful team.

We saw the same deficiencies as in the two finals lost against Toulouse last season. With one more red card … I think Twickenham’s red (against Levani Botia) is red, red, red. Tonight is a maximum yellow card. The impact is not on the shoulder. I would like to know why the FFR sends an arbitrator (Mr. Dufort) who has not officiated at the international level while there are many in France. Each of his interpretations was wrong. I am thinking in particular of rucks arbitrage. The match was too big for him. I’m not a bad loser but I would really like to know why he was named.

Did you decide beforehand to favor the penaltouches? We were in a good rhythm. The players were confident to go in touch, it was they who felt it. We tried to do things a little different than the other times against them but the energy lost by the red card is enormous. The structure of play, in attack or defense, changes completely.

As at the Stade de France, you failed several times on goal (four failures, three from Plisson, one from Le Bail). And it weighed heavily again … Yes, it weighs very heavy. We weren’t precise in our strong moments, but the feeling that I have the most tonight is not negative. I saw some interesting things, the path is very clear.

It’s a new defeat in your black series against Toulouse. Aren’t you worried that your players will be affected? If you are weak, yes. But we don’t want weak guys here. “

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