MarÃa Sákkari, Barbora KrejÄ ?? Ãková, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Tamara ZidanÅ¡ek. Here are the four players qualified for the semi-finals of Roland Garros. None of them had already reached this stage of competition in a Grand Slam tournament. An incredible figure: the average ranking of these four players is 42nd in the world.

Since Justine Henin’s title in 2007, no girl has managed to keep her title at Roland Garros. This will not be the case this year. Iga Swiatek who nevertheless seemed unbeatable, will not see the last square. Her opponent, MarÃa Sákkari, 18th in the world, is now the top-ranked player still in contention. Tamara Zidansek is 85th. If we go by the logic of the series heads, neither of these players was to play in the round of 16.

Not sure these repeated surprises are very good news for women’s tennis, which seems to be suffering from a starvation since the gradual decline of Serena Williams.