This is not the end that he hoped for, for his comeback in Grand Slam after a back injury that will have kept him away from the courts for more than a year. year. Combative as usual, he would no doubt have preferred to drop arms in hand, to the applause of a Suzanne-Lenglen entirely committed to his cause, but it is in deafening silence that Jo-Wilfried Tsonga certainly lost the last match of his career at Roland Garros. Le Manceau had already been led two ends to nothing by the Japanese Nishioka when the spectators present were asked to leave the scene, due to the curfew.

But they couldn’t go away and say goodbye, so they cried out all their love for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. “Come on Jo, do it for us, we love you”, launched spectators, drawing a huge smile from the French player, who in turn sent them a “I love you”. “These guys are crazy, the French are crazy”, he jokes then, before engaging the first in the third set. The exchange will also be translated to Nishioka who will have fun in turn.

“The situation was a little funny, nobody wanted to leave,” Tsonga said afterwards in a press conference. They were all there saying to me ‘do something JO’, but I didn’t. can not do anything (laughs). At one point there was no noise on the court, we could hear the pigeons “.

Alone in the face of his current limitations, Tsonga gave everything to regret nothing. Winning the third set gave him hope for a happy outcome, and he came close to affording a fifth set, but Nishioka’s game science, and his too many faults direct (73 against 21 for his opponent) finally got the better of his will. Lost in four sets (6-4, 6-2, 3-6, 7-6), Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was not entitled to the exit he deserved, for his entire career, when it was probably his last match at Roland Garros.

“I can not assure anything at all. You never know what can happen between now and then, confided the person concerned. One thing is certain: if I do not win many matches, I will be far in the standings, there is the desire and the reality of things. At some point, reality will catch up with me. It will then be time to make decisions, or to force a little, or to pass the pennant, in quotation marks. “