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TENNIS Roland-Garros 2021, it continues this Monday. Stay here you won’t miss a thing

Posted on 05/31/21 at 10:56 a.m.
– Updated on 05/31/21 at 7:23 p.m.

19h23: BIM, Tsonga wins his service game straight away. History to show that he is at home.

7:20 p.m.: Tsonga enters the track in turn, against the Japanese Nishioka. With back problems for a while, Jo is a long way from his semi-final here. But the Sarthois engages with an ace!

19h16: Ouch of course it’s now that the kid unscrews and sends the ball out of the court, another break for the Pole, 3-2.

7.15 p.m.: Cazaux’s service game lasts for a long time, 4th tie, and the public pushing, pushing!

7:04 p.m .: It’s over for Rinderknech, who still saved two match points. But not three. Cilic passes in three sets and joins Federer in the second round.

6:50 p.m .: Kenin wins over a white station wagon! Seed number 4, the American comes out after a big fight.

18h48: Small blow from Majchrzak on the head of Arthur Cazaux, the Montpellierain let slip the third set (6-4).

6:43 p.m .: Another Frenchman is in the running. Bourgue, with a wild card, has just lost the first set against Koepfer (6-3).

6:26 p.m .: We take another detour via the Kenin-Ostapenko. One end everywhere, 3-0 for Kenin in the third set. The American leads the game well, with power and variety.

6:18 p.m.: Rinderknech is loosening against Cilic, down 4-1 in the second set. The Croatian, a former quarter-finalist here, is ruthless with the second Frenchman in the Race.

6:09 pm: He gave us great pleasure on the court, and he also “enjoyed” his moment. Pair once again enjoys tennis with the public. Our special correspondent Julien Laloye was present in the stands during the match.

6:03 p.m .: GAME, SET AND MATCH! Federer in the second round in barely an hour and a half, a tennis lesson (6-2, 6-4, 6-3)!

5:59 p.m.: No problem, however, for Cazaux, who wins the second set. A round everywhere against Majchrzak.

5:59 p.m.: No problem, however, for Cazaux, who wins the second set. A round everywhere against Majchrzak.

5:57 p.m.: Three set points, including two in the tie-break, but Rinderknech lets the first set go. Everything has to be redone to beat Cilic.

5:57 p.m.: Three set points, including two in the tie-break, but Rinderknech lets the first set go. Everything has to be redone to beat Cilic.

5:54 pm: Ouuh the blow between the legs of Federer, but it is a bit too long! We almost witnessed the most beautiful dawn! Like, even more beautiful than all the points we have already seen since the start of this match.

🎾 Roger Federer connects the winning shots against the Uzbek Denis Istomin and wins the second set # RolandGarros ▶ ️ The match LIVE:🔥 All matches: pic / pHaL8S0PU3

5.44 p.m.: Three break points for Federer who is gaining momentum, more and more aggressive at the net. Istomin won’t stand up for long.

5:40 pm: Setback, cushioning … Cazaux has recovered in the right direction, and leads 4-1 in the second set.

5:33 p.m.: Kenin finally won the first set against Ostapenko (6-4). Reassuring for the American after complicated months.

5:21 p.m .: We recall our bet of the day: Rinderknech present in the third round. For the moment, the French lead 5-3 in the first set against Cilic.

5:16 p.m.: Federer’s first small mistakes. Not present on a slow ace, then a missed slip. Istomin comes back a little, 4-3 in favor of the Swiss.

5:04 p.m .: White break for Federer, 2-1 for the Swiss at the start of the second set. So give some ventoline to Istomin.

5:02 p.m.: Cazaux dropped the first set after leading 4-2. A cracking in the rules of the art. The curse of being quoted by commentators?

4:58 p.m.: In another register, a sandwich match between the South African Harris and the Italian Sonego, we especially remember the taste. The one in this joke was: bad.

4:55 p.m.: The 2020 finalist against the 2017 winner, big poster for the first round! Let’s go for the champions’ duel between sluggers Kenin and Ostapenko. Advantage for the Latvian, who leads 2-0.

4:52 p.m.: Federer who pays tribute to us by completing the first set in just over 20 minutes, thank you caption

4:49 p.m.: We left to deliver Roger’s match to you, refraining from drooling too much, but little Arthur Cazaux is also not bad.

🎾 🇫🇷 Big start to the match for Arthur Cazaux who signed the first break of the match against the Polish Kamil Majchrzak 🇵🇱 to lead 4-2 # RolandGarros ▶ Follow the match live:🔥 All the matches:

4:45 p.m .: Concluding a shutout with a return-from-service amortization, such is the life Roger has decided to lead. What a man.

4:43 pm: Well, everything is not yet in place, Istomin wins his face-off. The court is so quiet that we have the impression that the public is holding their breath, the players their shots. Sacred flavor.

4:36 p.m.: Quoted among the favorites, Andreescu is really shaken up in this first lap. 7-7 in the third set against Zidansek.

4:31 p.m.: The touch of the ball, the elegance of Federer … You don’t even have to force to break the entry against Istomin. We have stars in our eyes there.

4:16 p.m .: Ruud was too strong for Paire! In the tie-break, the Norwegian, specialist in clay, won in four sets. But how nice to see Benoît like that! In the attitude as in the talent, everything is there. It remains to find physical freshness.

4:14 p.m.: After saving a breakout ball, Garcia now leads 5-1 in the second set. The second round is not very far!

4:11 p.m .: Tie-break in the fourth set for Benoît Paire. Defeat or a fifth set at the end!

4:07 p.m .: And double-break now !! A nice passing, Garcia is well in his game, not even need to force his talent!

4:05 p.m .: Third white service game for Garcia. At this level, there is nothing more to say. Siegemund suffers. 3-1 in the second set.

4:02 p.m .: Great first for Medvedev, qualified for the second round! Not always attractive, the Russian nevertheless outclassed Bublik 6-3, 6-3, 7-5.

3:55 p.m.: Another shutout for Garcia on his serve, to stay at 1-1 in the second set.

3:48 p.m .: Tomorrow’s program for the Chatrier. To understand: Djoko’s match will be behind closed doors. But not Rafa’s, if we want to see the glass half full.

3:38 p.m.: And the avalanche of slaps continues for Garcia! The Frenchwoman leads 5-2 in the first set. His forehands are devastating for Siegemund.

3.35 p.m.: Two other matches in progress for women: Andreescu, seeded number 6, starts her third set against Zidansek (7-6, 6-7), while the Belgian Elise Mertens (n ​​° 14) took the first round (6-4) against Sanders.

3:30 p.m .: 4-1 for Garcia, which takes place! The Frenchwoman is not destabilized by the set of high socks, pink skirt, flashy top of the German.

3.15 p.m.: Impeccable start to the match for Caroline Garcia, who wins her faceoff against the unlikely-looking German Siegemund.

3.13 p.m.: Two sets to nothing for Medvedev, everything is rolling! Or rather everything slips, compared to clay.

3:11 p.m.: Pair is down 5-0 in the third set, and physically folds. We knew it would be rough but it still hurts a little bit.

3:05 p.m.: We wait any minute for the start of Caroline Garcia’s match to bring it to life. Cazaux and Rinderknech shouldn’t be too late either.

3:02 p.m .: Pair led 2-0 in the third set. Will his racquet hold up until the end of the match?

2:55 p.m.: Bublik finally responds a little to Medvedev by taking his first point in the second set. The Russian leads 6-3, 4-1 and can finally hope to reach the second round here, after four failures.

2:48 p.m.: The moment is hard for the French, it is the turn of Pair to give in. Ruud takes the second set 6-2.

2:45 p.m .: It’s over! Herbert will have given everything, but it is Sinner who will go to the second round! Regrets for the Frenchman, who had the keys to the match in the fourth set …

2:42 p.m.: Meanwhile, Medvedev won the first set (6-3) against Bublik. Like what anything can happen in life.

2:38 p.m.: Two double faults for Herbert, it’s not possible! Not you, not now, not after everything you’ve done!

14:37: P2H is used not to lose after 3:25 of the match. First bullet, boom, an ace. Do you want more ?

2:34 pm: Which is a shame, because Benoît Paire is leading a hell of a fight against Ruud. And it makes Laure Manaudou’s little heart beat faster, according to Nelson Monfort. And that is beautiful.

2:30 pm: Serene too, Sinner wins his faceoff. 4-2, we will have to put himself in Pierrot ascending mode!

2:25 p.m .: Service level, P2H has been in better shape than the waiters since May 19. And when his ace doesn’t pass, he lobbies Sinner. The beauty.

2:19 p.m.: Affected by the loss of the fourth set, Herbert struggles to get back on track. After two loose games, he rebels. 2-1, Sinner service.

2:15 p.m .: Medvedev has set foot on earth. As usual, he doesn’t like it. Bublik is already leading.

2:08 p.m.: We will indeed have a fifth set between Sinner and Herbert! The Italian wins the 4th set 7-5. I don’t know about you, but it feels good such a great game in the first round.

2:06 p.m .: Pair leads in front of Ruud! 6-5 in the first set, the break after saving two set points, unbelievable! The French transcend himself in contact with the public!

1:57 p.m .: What a setback treat! Herbert sells love to the public, which returns him good. And the Frenchman offers himself a match point in the process !!

13h53: P2H connects the aces and takes the lead! 5-4 for the French, the ola goes around the Lenglen.

1:49 p.m .: Sinner picks up at 4-4 in the fourth inning after saving five break points that would have put Herbert in an ideal situation. Special mention to this lob badly judged by the French who remains in the field …

13:37: SWIATEK ON THE SECOND ROUND. After an endless final game, the 2020 winner eliminates the Slovenian Juvan (6-0, 7-5) who does not hold it against him too much. The two young girls know each other well, and type in the net.

13h36: Slovenian Juvan does not want to abdicate against Swiatek. Already two match points saved, and in a very nice way.

13h33: And the ace to conclude a very, very hooked game. 3-2 Herbert in this third set.

13:31: It’s a pure fight between Herbert and Sinner. The Italian has redid the icing but the most beautiful bun in French tennis never gives up.

13h28: Otherwise, John Isner got rid of his fellow American Sam Querrey in three sets, in a duel at high altitude.

13h24: On the Simonne-Mathieu, the duel between Casper Ruud and Benoît Paire started 10 minutes ago. And it’s already 2-0 for the Norwegian, seeded number 15.

1:20 p.m.: Meanwhile, it’s playing really, very well on the Lenglen. 1-1 after a shock from Herbert who died in the net. It is not Hugo Gaston who wills.

13h17: Fall on the central! The referee fell while going to check a mark. Simple incident, she climbs back into her chair.

13h15: On the Chatrier, Swiatek walks much less than in the first set. She leads 5-4, Juvan serve to follow.

1:10 p.m .: BUT YES PIERRE-HUGUES !!! While he seemed ready to take a beating in the first set, the French now leads two sets to one against the Italian iceberg Jannick Sinner!

12:50: Caught up in the exchange between Herbert and Sinner, we didn’t even pay attention to the other game. Tan enjoys an ice cream in Cornet, now that she’s done the deal. 6-4, 6-4, clean.

12:41 p.m .: Herbert can come to terms with the referee, getting off his chair to confirm Sinner’s foul. The French lead 4-2.

12h37: The first 6-0 of the day is to be attributed to Swiatek. In the wake of his final in Rome against Pliskova. Solid, the Polish.

12:32 p.m .: A little pissed off the Herbert? In any case, he has just stuck a hell of a ace to win the game, a few minutes after having slowed down against the referee for a ball deemed foul. 2-2 in this third set.

12:27 p.m.: Small break in the match between Herbert and Sinner, the Italian calls the doctor and complains of a vision disorder. Watch out for dizziness with this sun. It’s not only in the passes that you can have a craving.

12:25 p.m.: Still among the girls, Cornet has already accumulated 20 unforced errors. Tan took the opportunity to come back to 3-2 after falling 3-0 in the second set.

12h21: Movement on the Central, with the entry into the running of the defending champion Iga Swiatek. The number 8 seed is already leading 2-0 against Juvan. If you don’t know the young Polish girl yet, a little catch-up session.

🇵🇱 Do you really know Iga Swiatek? 🏆 The defending champion makes her debut at #RolandGarros at ⏰ 12:00 am against Kaja Juvan! ▶ ️ Follow the match:🔥 All matches: https : //

12h12: Well finally we will have to go get the set on his serve. But he sells us Alsatian dreams.

12:05 p.m .: An ace on a second ball, that’s it Pierre-Hugues is launched! Break confirmed 5-3, the steamroller is on! How do we ignite?

12h00: In a few seconds, Tan takes the first set against Cornet (6-4) and Herbert break Sinner, 4-3 and serve to follow! Let the aperitif go to savor it all!

11h58: Herbert hangs on, it’s been 3-3 now in this second round! What if the Frenchman was in diesel mode?

11:52 am: Between French people, Cornet and Tan are polite. Unforced errors festival, for the benefit of Harmony Tan, who leads 5-3 in the first set.

11:47 am: OH OUIIII PIERRE-HUGUES !!!! The white station wagon, incredible! And the first “Popopo popo pololo! Of the day, the Roland we love!

11:45 am: In the wanking department, Kiki Bertens has just lost his first set 6-1 against Hercog. Not in legs, the Dutch?

11:43 a.m .: Encouragement begins to fall from the stands for Herbert, who offered himself a break point at the start of the second set. Erased by Sinner, who wins the game Ouch Ouch Ouch, it will take a little more to come back!

11:35 am: A set ball will have been enough! Sinner takes the first set, 6-1. La dolce vita for the Italian.

11:33 am: The event yesterday was the return of the public to the stands. Our special correspondent Julien Laloye slipped into the Porte d’Auteuil spectators. Story of the atmosphere, including public evacuation.

We tell you the return of the big atmosphere on the Roland courts via @ 20minutesSport

11:30 am: Herbert still does not hold his face-off, he is now down 4-1. In my opinion, this case will be quickly folded …

11:18 am: Sinner hits hard and already leads 2-0 after 6 minutes. We will have to grit our teeth Pierre-Hugues!

11:17 am: The other match of the morning is the Franco-French Cornet-Tan duel for women. The assurance of seeing a qualified Habs tonight, we are already pushing a sigh of relief. Cornet has broken entry

11:12 am: Here we go! Pierre-Hugues Herbert starts this day by serving against Jannik Sinner, seed number 18.

So, did you like the first day of Roland-Garros? Us, not bad to start with the incredible match between Pablo Andujar and
Dominic Thiem. Beautiful parties, the sun,
spectators … The same today? We wish it anyway.

Already there will be King Roger… Federer may be making his last lap at Porte d’Auteuil, starting with the Uzbek Istomin. We will also see if Medvedev is always “off guard” as soon as he walks on Parisian clay, and if the very young Sinner can be scary.

Among the girls, we will watch the ogre Swiatek, who may have started a “nadalien” reign last year and the unfortunate finalist Kenin opposed the comet Ostapenko, crowned in 2017. But also Andreescu, Muguruza and the eternal Serena Williams.

And the French, after the Sunday fiasco (one in nine qualified)? Well they are nine to come forward this Monday again, with diverse and varied victory predictions from Pair to Herbert to Rinderknech to Caro Garcia. With only one certainty: it won’t be worse than the day before, as the Habs Cornet and Tan face each other in this first round.

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