Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar is accused, according to a report in the Toronto Star, of suggesting a woman for sex and pushing his body into hers without consent while working for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2014.

Melissa Verge was an 18-year-old volunteer in a youth baseball camp that was operated by the Blue Jays at the time. She is the second woman in a month to allege sexual misconduct against Alomar, who retired in 2005 after playing for eight MLB teams including the Mets and was 46 in 2014.

The Blue Jays are investigating the incident and the team’s reaction after Verge alleged she told Rob Jack, a then team official and friend of Alomar, about the incident. The Blue Jays said Jack failed to inform other members of the organization or the human resources department of the allegations, according to the report. Jack was fired from the team in 2015 and is believed to have started at Alomar.

MLB fired Alomar as advisor to the league office and put him on the ineligible list in April after an employee earlier this year in a separate incident in 2014 alleged sexual misconduct on his part. An outside law firm was hired to conduct an investigation. Verge told the Toronto Star that the first unidentified woman to tell her story encouraged her to come forward.

“After reviewing all of the available evidence from the now-completed investigation,” Commissioner Rob Manfred said in April “I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Alomar has violated MLB’s policies and that termination of his consultancy contract and inclusion on MLB’s ineligible list is warranted.” “

The Blue Jays also recently severed ties with Alomar before this second incident came to light.

Verge claimed Alomar rubbed against her in the team’s weight room while she was walking her during camp through the clubhouse and other facilities. She said she left but he wrapped his arm tightly around her, gave her his phone number and asked her to keep quiet about the incident. When Alomar later asked her to join him in his hotel room, according to the report, she was scared, shivered and close to tears.

Verge’s account was confirmed to the Sun by her boyfriend at the time, her parents and a college professor, who all said she told them about the incident within months of the alleged incident. Alomar and Jack didn’t respond to the star’s comments.

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