Chosen from four hundred applicants, the 11-year-old had never acted, but was part of the children’s choir at the Paris Opera. Very impressed at first, he quickly slipped into character. “The hardest part,” says Maleaume, “were the scenes where I cry: I must have really felt Remi’s grief. So I thought about my great-grandmother’s death, and the tears would come.” Auteuil was amazed by his young partner: “In this sad story, basically everything is positive, everyone learns from the other, as in life, or on a set.”

Since its publication in 1878, Sans famille, a popular initiation story by Hector Malot, has captivated generations of readers. The odyssey of Rémi, the young orphan in search of his origins, and his mentor, the big-hearted acrobat Vitalis, has undergone many adaptations, in cinema and then on television (including a Russian version, from the Soviet era !), But also a Japanese animated series, which rocked young audiences in the 1980s.

For director Antoine Blossier, who films the old fashioned way, there is no question of using a green screen. This sequence required three days of filming. “I don’t know how many tons of fake snow there were, the actors were in their eyes. They suffered…” Daniel Auteuil confirms: “It’s not the best memory I have. It was trying, not funny at all. ” But the result was worth it.

The actor told us himself: “My mother left me lots of books, on which she wrote: ‘For Dany, to read when he’s older.’ These books, I found them about fifteen years ago. In this box, there was Without family. I thought that it would make a good story. When I was offered this adaptation, I said. saw it as a sign. ” In the role of Vitalis, the actor impresses. What charisma! Like Remi, Daniel was a child artist. As we pointed out to him: “You are right, I was that little Remi … but not an orphan! I followed my parents everywhere in theaters.”

With Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton and the Disney classics as references, Antoine Blossier was able to convince the producers to follow him in this great epic film with sumptuous sets and dressy costumes. Visually, the film plays in the big leagues.