Rick and Morty season 5 is about to land and promises to be hilarious, evidenced by this two-minute extract that pays for a Marvel character.

This time it will not have been necessary to wait long before seeing a new season of Rick and Morty arrive, since the new season 5 is about to land exactly one year after a season 4 which had particularly made us laugh. We are therefore boiling hot for this sequel, especially with the extract released by Adult Swim, we can see that the animated series has not lost any of its irreverence:

This two-minute excerpt, actually the pre-generic opening of episode 1 of this season 5, reveals an ever-frantic pace, references still as numerous (including one to Blade), and an animation that is still refined. Above all, this excerpt is particularly exciting because it pays off in a very nice way a character from the Marvel universe: the unbearable Namor, a kind of Aquaman villain in Marvel version. Renamed here Mr Nimbus and announced as the nemesis in Rick’s underpants, it is an introduction that makes you want and announces the best for this episode that we look forward to watching from June 21.

Ref: https://www.ecranlarge.com