Richard Berry takes the lead. While the actor returns on stage this Sunday, October 31 for his show Plaidories at the Théâtre Libre (Paris Xe), he has chosen not to promote. No interview. No media coverage. No poster campaign. Nothing. The recovery will therefore take place on the sly as announced by the Parisian. Why this decision? Richard Berry knows full well that he will be questioned about his daughter Coline Berry-Rojtman in relation to his complaint for “rape and sexual assault” filed in January.

The 71-year-old actor “will not speak in the media until he has been able to defend himself in court,” insists his entourage. He does not want to defend himself on the TV shows about his daughter’s accusations: kisses “on the mouth with the tongue” at 4, “sex games” from his 6 to 10 years old … But Richard Berry still denied on social networks, calling the words of his 45-year-old daughter “filthy.” While waiting to be heard by the courts, Pascale Louange’s companion resumes service as if nothing had happened. A news that aroused the anger of Coline Berry-Rojtman who denounces “a sham” in reference to the content of his show composed of five pleadings: the law on abortion, the death penalty, infanticide or collaboration.

Although the producer of the show Jean-Marc Dumontet is hinted on RTL at the end of March that the reprogramming will take place once the complaint (…)

Cyril Féraud, rare confidences on his private life: “I find time for the people I love” VIDEO – “She could not move on”: Pascal Obispo testifies to France Gall’s love for Michel BergerDaval affair: this road trip in Porsche made by Jonathann after the death of Alexia “At worst, we’ll have a good laugh”: Jean-Baptiste Djebbari hits the mark on Tiktok, his ministry responds to criticism Prince Charles upsets Buckingham Palace: he intends to do major works

In the columns of Le Parisien this October 29, Coline Berry evokes the return to the boards of Richard Berry. She also unveiled text messages in which her father overwhelms his ex-wife, Jeane Manson.

Over the course of his TikTok videos, Jean-Baptiste Djebarri has become a real phenomenon on the social network. While some see it as a strategy, a few months before the presidential election, his ministry hails its great success.

The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) warns against investment advice given on the internet, calling in particular to assess the credibility of the issuer. In their sights, reality TV stars who promise to make a fortune.

A man who passed himself off as Brigitte Macron’s nephew in order to obtain advantages and privileges from luxury establishments, companies or institutions, was sentenced to one year in prison on Wednesday in Paris.

A week after OM, PSG will still have a lot to do with receiving the defending LOSC. At the bottom of the table, a “match of fear” pits FC Metz against AS Saint-Étienne.

Queen Elizabeth II made an appearance, to say the least unexpected, on social networks this Thursday, October 28, 2021. A first since the monarch, weakened, announced to give up her participation in the COP 26 which will take place on November 1.

The Algerian student was again convicted on appeal for the murder of a woman and the planned attack on a church in the Parisian suburb of Villejuif in 2015.

Cyril Féraud went through one of the worst trials of his life losing his father in 2019. Two years later, the host returned to the drama and how he dealt with it afterwards. Mourning is impossible without the support of the fans.

On November 1, Parisian bars and restaurants must have dismantled their ephemeral terraces, under penalty of a fine, reports “Le Parisien”.

Guests of C à vous Thursday, October 28, the parents of Alexia Daval came to present their book “Alexia our daughter”, in which they reconsider the death of this one, and try to understand this drama. A moment of emotion, especially for the mother of the young woman.

After five weeks, the testimonies of the civil parties in the trial of the November 13 attacks come to an end. The opportunity for the psychiatrist Thierry Baubet to draw up an inventory of the psychological damage suffered by the victims of these attacks. Because six years later, the aftereffects are still very present.

New measures, new reports and highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world.

From her loves to her commitments through the Miss France contest, Delphine Wespiser is not afraid to say what she thinks. On the Touche plateau not at my post, the columnist moves as much as she makes people laugh by her statements. Back on his speeches that made people talk.

There are over 40 million kangaroos in the country. Some wanted to come and hit the ball with their club.

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While Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi traveled to Greece, the couple took their son with them. A rare snapshot of the young boy was shared on the networks.

Rudy Gobert signed a solid match with Utah against Houston Thursday night (122-91), for the Jazz’s fourth victory in as many matches. Evan Fournier was not successful with New York while Frank Ntilikina was invaluable for Dallas, winner of San Antonio (104-99).

When Anne Hidalgo is annoyed, she does not hesitate to let it know. Invited in the Bourdin Direct, on RMC, this Thursday, October 28, the 2022 presidential candidate, did not mince words: “Y’en fed up, we don’t care!”, She replied facing Jean-Jacques Bourdin …

This Thursday, October 28, W9 announced the deprogramming of its evening dedicated to Celine Dion (including her documentary Celine Forever) on November 16. She was facing another program on the singer, scheduled the same evening on TMC.