Since the start of the investigation, Richard Berry has always said he was innocent. However, this Thursday, October 28, according to information from the Parisian, the father of Coline Berry-Rojtman, who accuses her of rape and sexual assault, would have apologized to the latter. Nine months after Coline Berry filed a complaint against her father, several members of the family were heard and invited to explain themselves on exchanges by SMS during which the actor would have asked his daughter: “Pardon- me”.

In this brief conversation, the septuagenarian, currently on the boards of the Théâtre Libre in Paris, would have written to have “suffered the unconscious sexual freedom of Jeane [Manson, editor’s note]”, his former companion, also accused by Coline Berry of having participated to these rapes and assaults. At the time of filing the complaint, Richard Berry spoke of the “excessive freedom with the bodies”, which his partner was experiencing, without “any sexual ambiguity”, he nevertheless assured in his messages. According to Le Parisien, the actor had said he was “desperate for the consequences” of this “freedom” on his daughter, before asking her forgiveness.

For the latter, seeing her father back on stage aroused a deep anger. In a letter sent to the president of the Paris Bar Association at the beginning of September, Coline Berry had revolted to see her father resume pleading on the boards. However, he is still presumed innocent and has yet to be heard by investigators. In (…)

Daval affair: this woman who played an important role with Alexia’s parentsDaval affair: this witness who knows “the whole truth” about the murder of Alexia François Hollande dubbed by Emmanuel Macron: “I am not resentful” Albert II of Monaco victim of anonymous accusations: “These manipulations do not impress me” Affair Richard Berry: why the actor is walled in silence

This Thursday, October 28, Jean-Pierre and Isabelle Fouillot, the parents of Alexia Daval, publish Alexia, our daughter, a book in which they look back on the four years of ordeal they have endured since the murder of Alexia.

Present on RMC in Bourdin Direct on October 28 to talk about her program as a 2022 presidential candidate, Anne Hidalgo lost patience after the mention of one of her main opponents by Jean-Jacques Bourdin.

Immunity does not last forever, the protection conferred by anti-Covid vaccines decreases over time. The data analyzed by Israeli scientists allows us to learn more about the effect of the decrease in immunity on the parameters of the epidemic.

After being wanted for leaving her baby alone on the RER platform, a mother finally went to the police station to answer for her actions. A look back at this affair which aroused amazement and indignation.

In an autobiographical book entitled Le petit Didier, published on October 7, rapper JoeyStarr recounts his trying youth, marked by a violent father and his first drug abuse. Invited from C to you this Thursday, October 28, the artist had a rather tense exchange with Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine …

Guest of Aside this Thursday, October 28, Valerie Bruni-Tedeschi could not hide her emotion by reviewing images of her daughter Oumy, that the actress adopted at four months with her ex-companion Louis Garrel.

After a night of urban violence in the Orne, Marine Le Pen went there this Thursday. The opportunity for a muscular exchange between the RN presidential candidate and a teenager.

First taken for that of a dog, the corpse of a wolf was found on the side of a road in Saint-Brévin-les-Pins, in Loire-Atlantique.

Hafsa packed her bags without warning, after being a little rejected by Vincent le Provençal in Love is in the meadow. A sudden departure that upset the farmer, as he explains in an interview with Télé-Loisirs on Thursday, October 28, 2021.

In Marseille, archaeologists from Inrap discovered three graves from the Greek period (4th century BC) which contained a large collection of furniture.

The General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) was seized after the dissemination on the internet of a damning recording.

INFO BFMTV – As part of the so-called “French Bukkake” investigation, four pornographic actors were indicted for rapes committed during filming. This is a first in France.

Has Prince Harry just realized, like the rest of the world that his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II is not immortal? According to Us Weekly, Archie and Lilibet’s father would have panicked when he learned that the sovereign had been in hospital last week …

Adriana Karembeu may have been separated from Christian Karembeu for 10 years now, she has kept the surname of her ex-husband. The star, featured in the Plus Belle La Vie series, had a great love affair with the athlete. Back to a passion that had hit the headlines.

Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot, parents of Alexia Daval, killed in 2017 by her husband Jonathann, since convicted of murder, tell of the “three years of ordeal” they went through after this feminicide in a book published on Thursday.

Franck has just made a big announcement on his Instagram account. The candidate for the 16th season of Love is in the meadow can no longer help. He explained himself to Internet users.

This Wednesday, October 27, France 2 broadcast the first two episodes of its new saga adapted from Emile Zola’s novel, Germinal. A series that did not fail to trigger a dispute on the networks between the purists and the followers of this modern adaptation …

Facing Jordan De Luxe, Christophe Barbier revealed the thing that Cyril Hanouna asked him not to put in the book, on Tele Star Play. It concerns an anecdote between Emmanuel Macron and the Mc Fly duo, Carlito.

In the book Nagui, un enfant de la TV, which comes out this Thursday, October 28, the writer René Chiche evokes the complicated beginnings of the idyll of the host and Mélanie Page.

She’s lost her luster… “She” is the hormonal pill. For nearly ten years, the contraception most used by French women has shown a constant decline in sales. More and more women are abandoning it, out of fear and suffering. A disenchantment that focuses more on hormonal methods. So, what solutions are available to women who want to stop taking hormones? Answers: too few solutions.